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Advogato post for 2000-02-16 19:56:57

Another day, another contract. Looks like we will win the DB contract, thanks mainly to being able to do it cheaply, since we would use existing hardware and already bought software licenses, while the competition proposes using NT (which the guys don't own), MS SQL (which they have to buy) , and a large PC (which they have few, so have to buy).

Since that makes their so­lu­tion twice as ex­pen­sive as ours, I guess we win ;-)

Then, a nice teach­ing con­trac­t, a net­work study con­trac­t, and even small re­pair-my-­com­put­er-in-­five-min­utes-and-I-l­l-­pay-y­ou-$20 gigs.

I won­der what all these peo­ple were do­ing last mon­th, when I had to go neg­a­tive on my bank ac­count (but no, I'm not com­plain­ing :-)

Advogato post for 2000-02-15 20:41:28

Long time, no entry!

Any­way, I'm do­ing the big re­design of KRN, now with all sort of by-the-­book ob­jec­t-ori­ent­ed­ness, which should make KRN eas­i­er to ex­tend, more sta­ble, and all those things.

Still no news on the Brazil job, but I don't care much any­more. I have al­most guar­an­teed a sysad­min job near here, and a con­tract work for a lar­gish DB sys­tem, so mon­ey should not be an is­sue for an­oth­er year or so.

In the per­son­al fron­t... good times :-)

Advogato post for 2000-02-10 00:10:58

Moved all KRN development into SourceForge.

Al­so, I've been in­formed that there is a moun­tain called Krn in east­ern eu­rope, so that con­vinced me to do a (lame) page re­design, so that such a fact is more wide­ly known.

BTW: there is al­so a Krn lake, right next to the moun­tain :-)

So, now Krn has a new home page and bug re­port sys­tem­s, web based fo­rum­s, pub­lic CVS ac­cess, down­load pages, patch man­ager, ac­tu­al dai­ly back­up­s, and all sorts of neat things.

Thanks Source­Forge peo­ple, your set­up is way nice!

Ex­cept be­cause I have to rel­o­gin ev­ery three pages or so, for some rea­son, but that's mi­nor.

Of course all this in­fra­struc­ture work did­n't leave any time to ac­tu­al­ly COD­ING but hey, life ain't per­fec­t.

Advogato post for 2000-02-09 01:46:16

I took a couple of days off programming, and today I got back into it. I am doing some nifty stuff with mrtg. It's amazing how many different things you can graph with some thought. Today I added "number of requests off the web proxy" and "mails processed by qmail (incoming and outgoing separate)". Quite nifty to find unusual situations.

On the free soft­ware side of things, KRN is right now in a shape that would make it a cred­i­ble 0.6.10, but I think I will add some ex­tra things.

The find ar­ti­cle di­a­log is done, and ar­ti­cle thread­ing is now as close to per­fect as I can un­der­stand, so that's two things less to care about.

I am start­ing to write a short es­say, that I may pro­pose to pub­lish in ad­voga­to. It's a bit in­flam­ma­to­ry, but in a good way.

Anx­ious­ly wait­ing news from the Brazil job. My pe­ti­tion was sup­posed to be read to­day, so I may have news to­mor­row...

Advogato post for 2000-02-05 23:48:52

Bugfixing is sisiphean (the english spelling is probably wrong).

Any­way, it's like the greek dude that pushed the rock up­hill ;-)

I am very close to KRN 0.6.10. The mul­ti­ple views work, but of course they are not very ac­ces­si­ble from any­where. KRN is a lot more sta­ble than in 0.6.9, which was not too bad.

And the ar­ti­cle find di­a­log is al­most done. So the on­ly re­al­ly bro­ken thing left af­ter that would be progress re­port­ing, which would make it a good mo­ment for 0.6.10.

If I can push my­self to do it, of course.

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