2000-03-08 23:07

Advogato post for 2000-03-08 23:07:31

Awfully improductive day. The net was totally gridlocked, and is only now starting to come back, so I could not download a few things I wanted. Then the nice PIII-500 I had borrowed to use for development seems to have a defective network board, and I can't make it see the replacement :-P

So, I spent all day fighting these stupid issues, and no time for doing interesting stuff.

2000-03-08 00:05

Advogato post for 2000-03-08 00:05:27

Well, I couldn't keep the plan of not coding until tomorrow. But hey, if the fingers are itching to code, why fight it :-)

Looks like I fixed most of the pending problems in KRN, except, of course, the vast featurelessness. So, I will do some UI stuff today and tomorrow, and it will be 0.7.1 (alpha :-)

2000-03-06 23:27

Advogato post for 2000-03-06 23:27:31

First of all, that Rome MP3 thing is such a nice idea!

With that out of the way, the plan is working. I managed not to touch a computer on the weekend, and to do very little today. I must confess I fixed two bugs in KRN, but I didn't commit ;-)

Other than that, nothing has happened that I would share here, this being a diary dedicated to free software musings, and only marginally personal. I am almost done through a Thomas Harris tour, though (from Red Dragon to his latest).

2000-03-03 21:29

Advogato post for 2000-03-03 21:29:27

Ok, it's decided, I am officially burnt out, at least for a few days. I just checked, and I have modified or written about 4500 lines of code in the last 5 days, and that is besides the work that puts food on my table.

So, since I have already been burnt a couple of times in the past, and it was awful, I will just stop coding until wednesday. I intend to watch dumb shows on TV, have as much sex as I can, and do the absolute required minimum real work. If that doesn't avoid the exhaustion, at least I will have fun.

Because, dear reader, I am tired, and when I'm tired I'm cranky, and when I'm cranky I bite. Turn that into the obvious yodaesque reflexion, if you will.

2000-03-03 01:39

Advogato post for 2000-03-03 01:39:59

Lots of work done on KRN today. Implemented autoabort of pending jobs when the window is closed, for one, which was something that had me confused, as well as automatic thread cancellation.

I need to do RMB menus available for stuff, so I can start wiring the old functionality to the UI. Should not be too hard, and I should have it done tomorrow.

I won't do my usual (as of late) rant here about what happened in diverse arguments with people, because:

a) I am tired, very tired, right now. b) I am extremely disappointed.

2000-03-02 02:58

Advogato post for 2000-03-02 02:58:53

Ok, so I got the answer to my question of what drives a slashdot troll. The answer, it seems, is ego, immaturity and a strange thirst of revenge for imagined damage.

Or at least, that's what it seems to me, from reading the thread at kuro5hin.org, I'm sure the trolls themselves, and that new stranger fauna, the troll fan, will disagree completely, and probably I am completely wrong[1].

Noticed something else: the tendency to reciprocal certification in advogato. Now I am starting to believe that some of the people who certified me only did that expecting me to certify them in response[2]

On the KRN side of life, it is currently a decent basic newsreader again, although it is much less featureful than 0.6.11, but, boy is it smooth! :-)

After reading the responses to the advogato story on the /. implosion, I see Raph replied to my preaching against anonymous posting. Well, I am against it not as a principle, but as an aestethic judgement.

Posts made by a recognizable entity shape my perception of that entity. Such entity can acquire overtime features I appreciate, like integrity, honour, humour, wit, knowledge, empathy.

A anonymous post is an end in itself, it's a dead alley. It only contributes to the context of the thread, and then vanishes.

Anonymous posts are graffiti, named posts are correspondence.

If you take the letters by Sartre to Simone, separate them, put each in a piece of paper and remove the names, you have a lot of rather nice writing.

Mix them with another 1000 letters by others, in the same condition, and you have a lot of noise, with semi-interesting nuggets every now and then.

Take the Sartre letters, put them in a book, and you have what I am reading now, and trust me, it's not the same.

The whole is rarely the sum of its parts.


[1] I don't believe I have any capability to understand other people's motivations, at best I can react to their actions. I reacted strongly to these particular actions.

[2] By definition, those who certified me in that vein are certifying me wrong since they are only supposed to certify me if they know me, and anyone who knows me will say I will not grant certifications as a reward. I suppose I will be Apprentice tomorrow[3] ;-)

[3] Hey, reverse psychology worked on /. ;-)

2000-02-29 03:12

Advogato post for 2000-02-29 03:12:47

Today's sign of the end of times: I actually like Madonna's 'American Pie'. So shall we all perish in fiery hell soon.

On the free software front, KRN is now actually stable again. While cooperative multithreading avoids most strange race conditions, some can still occur, and they can be godawfully hard to debug. However, thinking a bit does help ;-)

Anyway, as I was saying, it is pretty stable now. The current list of broken things is: posting, menus, toolbars, focus, custom docking, progress, disconnection, exiting and decoding. Impressive!

With the right kind of wind in my sail, this should all be fixed by friday.

On the personal side... having a busy girlfriend sucks. I feel neglected. I am gonna turn to alcohol and pills! Hmmm... mentos!

2000-02-27 03:07

Advogato post for 2000-02-27 03:07:01

The new dock-based, MT KRN is advancing well, although the amount of things broken in it is a bit scary. Of course the code to do all the things 0.6.11 did is still there (and anyway, that's what CVS exists for ;-) but it is totally divorced from the UI.

On other issues, I got over slashdot today, after a long while. After I thought the site had reached the bottom, they get a shovel and dig deeper :-P

No, I don't mean /. itself, but the people commenting in it. What *is* the point for them? What do they get? I am a firm believer in quid pro quo[1].

Are they so easily amused as to be rewarded by the imagined reaction of people reading about grits and petrified teenager starlets?

I doubt any of them will read this, but... well, let me tell you: there is probably no reaction at all. I know I just look at that waste of electrons with sort of a blank expression, and then click "next". I expect everyone to do the same (except for the gritter himself, who probably looks at his oeuvre and giggles insanely for around 13 minutes).

But today, it had reached new depths. One guy made a poor taste comment about GNOME, posing as a KDE advocate (I seriously doubt he was, I'm more inclined to believe he was just a a troll).

But the answer left me astonished. It included a graphic description of how all KDE advocates are worms, who look forward to be put in a hook. Pretty disgusting. Again: I don't believe that answer was written by a GNOME advocate, but just by a prepubescent moron.

However, when the time comes that people need to impersonate others to fight in the name of those others' beliefs, such people have deep troubles. So, sorry, /., you are now officially a loony bin. It used to be fun to hang around there. Close it, and start another site. Or rather: don't close it, and start a new one, hopefully the stupid and insane will stay in /., trolling and insulting each other.

If that day comes, email me, I will be on another site. Which one? Sorry, I won't say. It's a nice little site, with short discussions, usually in a polite tone.

I also saw a disturbing trend here, with the trust metric article, and the Jabber people arguing about whether they deserved to be "master" or whatever... lighten up[3]. If you are a master, you are a master regardless of what color your name appears on advogato, and being marked as master here if you are not is just food for the ego, and junk food, for that matter.

And it must be true because I say so, and I am a master... oops, Journeyer, whatever that means :-)

This must be the longest diary entry I ever wrote, and I'd bet not many have written longer ones, hopefully you, hypothetical reader, will forgive me.

[1] Yes, I believe we don't do free software out of the goodness of our hearts[2], and that we all have ulterior motives, even if we are not fully aware of them. I should write about it someday.

[2] I also believe the end result is pretty much indistinguishable from what would happen if we were doing it out of the goodness in our hearts (or rather your hearts, mine is dark and eeeevil, just ask around)

[3] Of course asking others to lighten up about things that are of no big importance to me is easy. That's why I do it. I suppose that if advogato rated projects and KDE was somehow marked as lame, I would care. I hope people will tell me to lighten up when that happens.

2000-02-25 19:08

Advogato post for 2000-02-25 19:08:13

Not much hacking today, since at least once a week I MUST do real work, so I can spend the other 6 days hacking ;-)

Anyway, I fixed some stuff in the automake files of KRN, so the GNU Pth is built the way I like it, and thought about some design issues... I am going to move lots of functionality from the view into the model, but not very soon.

Now the plan is: make the MT stuff work better, make progress reporting work well, make KRN do dockwidget, make all the functionality in 0.6.11 work again, and call it 0.7.0. That shouldn't take more than a week...

2000-02-25 01:57

Advogato post for 2000-02-25 01:57:44

KRN is now multithreaded! Ok, not really, in at least two ways.

One way in which KRN is not multithreaded, is in that it is done using GNU Pth, which is not "real" multithreading, but cooperative userspace multithreading. Of course that if I had to make KRN reentrant and threadsafe, it would not be multithreaded in any way.

The other way in which KRN is not multithreaded is that it is not fine enough in its granularity. There are chunks of things which don't spawn threads, and lock the UI thread, thus locking KRN. But those are easy to fix: wait until someone complains it blocks, then make it spawn and look as a responsive developer ;-)

Also, I ported kdestudio's dockwidget back to KDE 1, and am adopting it to do useful MDI-like things (ie: docking, not real MDI).

Finally: the report progressing framework is there. All that's needed now is make it do progressbars instead of printing on the terminal, and make it work on all long actions...

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