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Advogato post for 2000-02-16 19:56:57

Another day, another contract. Looks like we will win the DB contract, thanks mainly to being able to do it cheaply, since we would use existing hardware and already bought software licenses, while the competition proposes using NT (which the guys don't own), MS SQL (which they have to buy) , and a large PC (which they have few, so have to buy).

Since that makes their so­lu­tion twice as ex­pen­sive as ours, I guess we win ;-)

Then, a nice teach­ing con­trac­t, a net­work study con­trac­t, and even small re­pair-my-­com­put­er-in-­five-min­utes-and-I-l­l-­pay-y­ou-$20 gigs.

I won­der what all these peo­ple were do­ing last mon­th, when I had to go neg­a­tive on my bank ac­count (but no, I'm not com­plain­ing :-)

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