2020-02-27 00:02

Python Meetup Buenos Aires 27/2/2020

Charla en el Buenos Aires Python Meetup el 7/11/2019

Algunos tips y comentarios sarcásticos para hacer que tu código Python sea más parecido a Python y menos parecido a otra cosa.

2020-02-22 16:00

Episodio 22: Color, Color, Color!

Cosas que uso en mi terminal. ¿Qué terminal? ¿Qué shell? ¿Que font? ¿Vale la pena reemplazar herramientas que tienen 50 años como "cat"? Todo eso y alguito más!

2020-02-17 19:20

Learning Serverless in GCP

Usually, when I want to learn how to use a tool, the thing that works best for me is to try to build something using it. Watching someone build something instead is the second best thing.

So, join me while I build a little thing using "serverless" Google Cloud Platform, Python and some other bits and pieces.

Caveat: this was originally a twitter thread, so there will be typos and things. Sorry! Also it's possible that it will look better here in threaderapp

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2020-02-16 19:54

Airflow By Example

Apache Airflow is a very interesting, popular and free tool to create, manage and monitor workflows, for example if you want to do ETL (Extract / Transform / Load) on data.

This sort of enterprise software often may seem complicated or overly unrelated to our everyday experience as developers but ... is it, really? How about if I just want to watch some TV shows? And experiment with some enterprise-level software at the same time?

Let's do that by learning how to use Airflow to watch TV.

Caveat: This post was originally a twitter thread, that's why all the examples are images and you can't copy/paste them. But hey, at least they are short. Also, typos, because I really just did this while tweeting it, no preparation beforehand.

Just in case: I did not download any "Star Trek: Picard" espisodes, and I have a Prime video subscription, so I don't need to download them via torrent. OTOH, if Sir Patrick ever reads this (which he won't): good job, sir!

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2020-02-13 22:07

Looking for a new job!

My current employer (not anymore!) and I have decided to part ways. So, I am now open to new adventures in Python-land.

I am located near Buenos Aires, so remote positions much preferred, local Buenos Aires ones could work too if it's the right one.

I have a ton of Python experience, lots of engineering management experience and I am looking forward to learning new stuff and try new things, so let´s make this an opportunity!

My resume is here: https://docdro.id/crBrIey

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