2000-05-10 13:44

Advogato post for 2000-05-10 13:44:57

Money! I have money! Ok, I got my paycheck, life is good ;-)

I've been reading some history books lately. XIX century history books to be precise. Those guys were either too interesting, or had great biographers.

For example, how could Lavalle, who was called "the headless sword" say something like this: "This fucking land, where noone dares to kill me because they fear me", after commanding a 1000Km, extremely ugly, retreat?

Also: idea for a historic action movie, based on fact: Hyppolite Bouchard. French. Becomes captain of a corsair ship called "La Argentina". He sets off to sea, crosses the Magellan strait, goes all the way up to Hawaii.

There he buys back ANOTHER argentinian ship called Chacabuco, which was seized by Hawaii, meets king Kameha Meha, who makes Hawaii the first nation to recognize argentinian independence.

Then he mans the second ship with part of his crew, and completes both with Hawaiian natives.

That combination of south american and polinesian crews then continues one of the most extraordinary raids in history. They raid Monterrey (the argentinian flag was raised there for about 6 days), Santa Barbara, a dozen other towns, sinks about 20 ships, and then comes down all the coast of Central America.

Now, if someone actually went and made the movie, would anyone BELIEVE it? I bet not.

2000-05-08 14:05

Advogato post for 2000-05-08 14:05:58

The OOP article here is pretty nice.

I lack the teoric formation to comment on it too well, but IMHO, aggregation is nice, encapsulation is 50% nice, and deep inheritance trees tends to make life painful ;-)

Other than that, not much to say today.

2000-05-02 15:25

Advogato post for 2000-05-02 15:25:11

Ok. so I'm being a bit lame about diary entries. Oh, well.

Life: I am doing strange things lately. I can now read the paper while standing on the subway, feat I believed to be beyond my reach. And the line was extended to a new station 2 blocks away from my appartment, so I now walk some less, and have 12 minutes more sleep each night.

I have a borrowed 3"tv. It's kinda nice, after over 2 weeks of tv-less existence.

I read "The dispossessed", by Ursula K. LeGuin. Nice book. I read it in english, because it costed me $5.50, while the spanish version costed $12 (both paperback). No idea why.

A word of advice: If you ever need to get a legal authorization from another country to allow you to sign checks in the company account, and you need it very fast, well, it will not work too well. What? That's no advice? I suppose. Or the advice would be: don't get yourself in that position :-)

I got a very functional KDE2 running! There are minor niggles all around (like needing to run kbuildsycoca once by hand, vertical maximizing not working right, and so on).

I can't build arts and koffice, but that's pretty minor right now.

I am doing some minor work in krn, and interviewing people for a position that would, in practical terms be my boss. That IS strange.

Also interviewed a guy that has pretty nice academic background (master in Japan, studied in the Balseiro institute, perhaps the best hard science place in Argentina) to join the company, he should be useful (even if he wants to become a salesman for some strange reason :-)

2000-04-25 19:54

Advogato post for 2000-04-25 19:54:25

Ok, good news, I have internet at the office now! I can start working on my stuff again!!!! Yipee!

I noticed a few days ago that some coworkers (sortof, they are very far) keep logs here, too! (hi acme and company! :-)

Good economic news, too. Or rather, great economic news. I'd just say the day was perfect, if it was not because I didn't have lunch, but that's good for my belly.

I am arranging things with Uwe to go to Namibia on january, that should be just too cool. I need to learn to drive, because it seems there is no other way to go around there.

Also finished reading Uwe's book (KDE application development, Macmillan Technical Publishing) recommended! You will learn about traveling salesman problem along the way ;-)

So... I'm a happy guy, at least for today.

2000-04-17 18:11

Advogato post for 2000-04-17 18:11:54

Hey, I have a chair now! My appartment is so empty it's a bit sad to look at. Thankfully, it has a decent view, so I can look out :-)

I still have no permanent internet connection, but at least I configured masquerading, so we squeeze as much as possible through the modem.

Soledad (a girl who works here) mentioned today is saint Roberto, so it's my onomastic (I doubt that's a word in english). A century ago, a person could choose to celebrate it instead of his birthday (although very often they were the same day, just ask my dad, who's called Teodoro for that reason).

I am making good progress in my angry face for the subway. I can now also pretend to sleep, as I noticed some people do, but it's boring, so I'd rather read the newspaper.

Other than that, I got a few patches for KRN, which is very cool, I really must work in it, but without internet it's almost impossible.

I need to buy furniture. Lots of it. A futon at least. And dishes. I have only one. And a pot. I have only a frying pan. It kinda ruins my cooking skills :-)

2000-04-13 21:40

Advogato post for 2000-04-13 21:40:54

Ok, so I do now have an apartment. A nice one, too. Small, but homey. And having only a matress and a chair makes it not so small, too :-)

I now also have a hobbie. I watch people. No, no telescope and stuff, I watch them in the subway.

I had never had to commute to work, really. I could make a 5 minute bus ride, if I was in a hurry, but now I have a 28 minutes SUBWAY ride, and that is a lot of time to be sitting with people you dont know, idly looking at the fluorescent tubes.

So, I am trying to figure out how they do it.

The first rule seems to be LOOK MAD. Everyone looks mad. Pregnant women look mad (even after they get the seats ;-). Old ladies look mad. Med students look mad (my subway stops in the med school). Pretty girls look mad. Lawyers look as mad lawyers (it also stops in the courts), but they carry large stacks of paper, so I would be mad, too!.

So, I am trying to look mad, with relative success, even if it is not easy for someone with my features (I go from pleasant buddha to scary, without a mad phase).

Then, after you look mad so noone will try talking to you, what can you do? Well, thats another story.

2000-04-10 12:21

Advogato post for 2000-04-10 12:21:42

Long time without an entry. Way too long.

Of course, I have a good excuse, I was too busy actually having a life, to have time to write about that life.

Ok, current status: I have done no free software programming in the last 2 or three weeks, basically for the reason given above.

Work: I now work for a Linux company, which pays me roughly an order of magnitude more money than my previous employer, even though because of reasons given below, I now OWE much more money than I did a few weeks ago.

Personal life: I now live in Buenos Aires, which is, for those of you who are not well versed in geography, the gatway to hell, masquerading as a large cosmopolitan city at the shores of the world's widest river (even if geographers say it's not REALLY a river). My previous city was Santa Fe, which was about 20 times smaller. I still don't have an appartment, but that should change tomorrow, because, among other things, if it doesn't change, I will have to borrow MORE money to stay in the hotel.

Then, of course, is the small problem of how does one live without any furniture, which I won't be able to afford for aAT LEAST a month :-)

And that's why I owe money now: from a susistence economy, where I lived on $4 a day, I am now spending roughly $70 a day, living in a hotel, and eating in restaurants.

Love: well, I now live 550km away from it. That's going to be tough, and I don't have much hope of it surviving. That sucks too much to think about.

2000-03-15 19:54

Advogato post for 2000-03-15 19:54:44

Man, did those $100 pay off :-)

I got a dream job, now. I can't say exactly what it is, but it sure is cool.

Now, if you excuse me, I will go do funny happiness faces, as I have been doing the last 20 hours.

2000-03-12 02:34

Advogato post for 2000-03-12 02:34:33

I'm going to make a rushed trip to Buenos Aires because I have not one but two offers for fulltime linux jobs.

Believe it or not, I will spend my last $100 doing the trip, so one of them better be mine ;-) after that, it's red ink until the end of the month.

The iOpener thing is just too cool. I would buy one. If I were in the US and I had $99. Ok, I have the $99, but look at the previous paragraph ;-)

2000-03-10 19:17

Advogato post for 2000-03-10 19:17:22

The new box is really fast. It can updatedb 7GB of data in 35 seconds and run ldconfig on the full system in less than a second. (have any more useless benchmarks?)

I got tired of coding KRN only, so I went and implemented a QPaintDevice that produces PDF output :-)

Using it, you can use the exact same code used for screen drawing (or postscript printing) and have it generte a nifty PDF file.

However, that will only be partly free software because it requires PDFLib which has the Aladdin license.

I will probably Aladdin it too, and who knows, maybe some Qt comercial deeloper will pay me $10 to use it ;-)

It was amazingly little work (it's over 60% done already). QPaintDevices rule. I should do a libart one... as soon as I understand how that thing works, or find some doc.

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