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Advogato post for 2000-02-05 23:48:52

Bugfixing is sisiphean (the english spelling is probably wrong).

Any­way, it's like the greek dude that pushed the rock up­hill ;-)

I am very close to KRN 0.6.10. The mul­ti­ple views work, but of course they are not very ac­ces­si­ble from any­where. KRN is a lot more sta­ble than in 0.6.9, which was not too bad.

And the ar­ti­cle find di­a­log is al­most done. So the on­ly re­al­ly bro­ken thing left af­ter that would be progress re­port­ing, which would make it a good mo­ment for 0.6.10.

If I can push my­self to do it, of course.

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