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Rst2PDF Release Plans

I ha­ve spent a li­ttle ti­me on rs­t2­pdf the­se last few da­ys. It does­n't look too ba­d, con­si­de­ring the long ne­glec­t, but the­re is so­me breaka­ge.

After going over al­most 300 in­te­gra­tion tes­ts by han­d, I iden­ti­fied a few re­gres­sions (and a cou­ple of bugs that fixed the­msel­ve­s, ya­y).

So, in or­der to do a re­lea­se, I am ho­ping to fix the­s­e:

I pro­ba­bly wi­ll not fix them all, and trunk wo­rks mu­ch be­tter for many ca­ses than 0.92 so I should not blo­ck a re­lea­se on any of the­s­e, rea­ll­y. I wi­ll gi­ve myself a cou­ple of weeks to see how many (if an­y) I can get do­ne.

On the other han­d, if an­yo­ne rea­ding this feels ad­ven­tu­rous, and wan­ts to lend a han­d, help is alwa­ys wel­co­me.

In the meanti­me, this is a list of wha­t's chan­ged in trunk from ver­sion 0.92:

  • Su­­pport rs­­t2­­pdf [inf [ou­­tf]] syn­­tax to be mo­­­re co­m­­pa­­ti­­ble wi­­th rs­­t2*

  • Im­­ple­­men­ted Is­­sue 389: New --s­­tri­­p-e­­le­­men­­t-wi­­th-­­cla­ss op­­tion

  • Fixed Is­­sue 474: Ce­­ll­S­­ty­­le1 is not the­­re in re­­po­r­­tlab 2.6

  • Re­­mo­­­ved de­­fault pa­­dding from De­­la­­ye­­dTa­­ble, whi­­ch looked bad on hea­­de­r­s/­­foote­r­s.

  • Im­­pro­­­ve­­men­­ts to the ma­­th di­­re­c­­ti­­ve (font co­­­lor and si­­ze)

  • Be­­­tter su­­pport for sty­­ling li­­te­­ra­l­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 454 (S­­pli­­tting fai­­lu­­re)

  • Swi­­tched from sv­­glib to sv­­g2rlg

  • Re­­mo­­­ved uni­­co­n­­ve­r­­tor su­­pport

  • Fixed Is­­sue 477: Si­nk footno­­­te se­­pa­­ra­­tor (pa­­tch by ase­r­­ma­­x)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 473: Su­­pport "co­­­de" di­­re­c­­ti­­ve like an alias of co­­­de-­­blo­­­ck.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 472: Im­­ple­­men­ted MyI­­ma­­ge._un­­Res­­tri­c­­tSi­­ze

  • Fixed Is­­sue 471: Res­­pect cla­ss in li­­ne­­blo­­­cks.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 455: New pi­s­a/­­xh­t­­m­­l2­­pdf has ve­­ry di­­ffe­­rent im­­po­r­­ts

  • Ma­­rked Is­­sue 358 as fixed (Li­­te­­ral blo­­­cks ren­­de­­red wi­­th la­r­­ge bo­­­ttom ma­r­­gi­n)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 410: alwa­­ys in­­clu­­de fu­­ll li­­nes in co­­­de-­­blo­­­cks (m­­mue­­ller pa­­tch)

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