2012-12-08 22:58

Rst2PDF Release Plans

I have spent a little time on rst2pdf these last few days. It doesn't look too bad, considering the long neglect, but there is some breakage.

After going over almost 300 integration tests by hand, I identified a few regressions (and a couple of bugs that fixed themselves, yay).

So, in order to do a release, I am hoping to fix these:

I probably will not fix them all, and trunk works much better for many cases than 0.92 so I should not block a release on any of these, really. I will give myself a couple of weeks to see how many (if any) I can get done.

On the other hand, if anyone reading this feels adventurous, and wants to lend a hand, help is always welcome.

In the meantime, this is a list of what's changed in trunk from version 0.92:

  • Support rst2pdf [inf [outf]] syntax to be more compatible with rst2*
  • Implemented Issue 389: New --strip-element-with-class option
  • Fixed Issue 474: CellStyle1 is not there in reportlab 2.6
  • Removed default padding from DelayedTable, which looked bad on headers/footers.
  • Improvements to the math directive (font color and size)
  • Better support for styling literals.
  • Fixed Issue 454 (Splitting failure)
  • Switched from svglib to svg2rlg
  • Removed uniconvertor support
  • Fixed Issue 477: Sink footnote separator (patch by asermax)
  • Fixed Issue 473: Support "code" directive like an alias of code-block.
  • Fixed Issue 472: Implemented MyImage._unRestrictSize
  • Fixed Issue 471: Respect class in lineblocks.
  • Fixed Issue 455: New pisa/xhtml2pdf has very different imports
  • Marked Issue 358 as fixed (Literal blocks rendered with large bottom margin)
  • Fixed Issue 410: always include full lines in code-blocks (mmueller patch)


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