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Windows is *HARD*

I am on va­ca­tio­n, by the sea. So, I do­n't ha­ve my usual in­ter­net con­nec­ti­vi­ty. I de­ci­ded to buy a 3G mo­dem and de­ci­ded pu­re­ly ba­sed on pri­ce, en­ding up wi­th a ZTE mo­dem pro­vi­ded by Cla­ro.

On Win­do­ws, it wo­rks we­ll enou­gh:

  1. Plug it in

  2. Get the au­­to­s­­tart wi­n­­dow

  3. Start the in­s­­ta­­ller

  4. Cli­­ck Next a few ti­­mes

  5. Re­­boot

  6. Start the client to co­n­­nect

  7. Cli­­ck on the "wor­l­­d" icon

  8. Wait a li­­ttle

  9. In­­te­r­­ne­­t!

I tried it on win­do­ws first be­cau­se I as­su­med it would wo­rk on my wi­fe's com­pu­te­r, and I could do an ad-hoc wi­fi ne­two­rk so I could con­nect mi­ne. We­ll, no.

So I tried it on Ubun­tu. It does wo­rk too:

  1. Plug it in

  2. Say I am in Ar­­gen­­ti­­na

  3. Say it's a Cla­­ro 3G se­r­­vi­­ce

  4. Go to Ne­­two­­­rk In­­di­­ca­­tor

  5. Cli­­ck on "Cla­­ro 3G"

  6. Wait a li­­ttle

  7. In­­te­r­­ne­­t!

And ye­s, I can do an ad-hoc con­nec­tion and pro­vi­de ser­vi­ce to eve­r­yo­ne el­se. Plus I do­n't ha­ve an un­clo­sa­ble win­dow la­ying around all the ti­me.

Walking or Running in The Rain

I alwa­ys am ama­zed by peo­ple su­gges­ting that wa­lking in the ra­in keeps you dr­yer than run­nin­g. Just saw an an­swer to this. Che­ck it ou­t, it's ni­ce:

I ha­ve al­so seen it de­bunked ex­pe­ri­men­ta­ll­y, by My­th­Bus­ter­s. But le­t's try a di­ffe­rent appro­ach: in­tui­ti­ve ma­th. In­tui­ti­ve ma­th is tri­cky be­cau­se it usua­lly is wron­g, but he­y, it's fun.

Appa­ren­tl­y, we all agree that how wet you get co­rre­la­tes to your spee­d. Othe­rwi­se, the ques­tion is poin­tle­ss be­cau­se the an­swer is "wa­lk or run, but take an um­bre­lla", whi­le true, is chea­tin­g, ri­gh­t?

So, for tho­se slo­we­r-is-­be­tter pro­po­nen­ts: go and wa­lk ve­r­y, ve­r­y, ve­ry slo­w­l­y. You may no­ti­ce that you end com­ple­te­ly soaked be­fo­re you fi­nish wa­lkin­g. If you did­n'­t, you are sti­ll wa­lking too fas­t.

On the other han­d, if you we­re to go at 1000000 km/h we all agree you would on­ly get so­me drops in your fron­tsi­de, ri­gh­t? Whi­ch would not soak you. Ri­gh­t? And most im­por­tan­tl­y, is cons­tant re­gard­le­ss of your spee­d, be­cau­se it's just the ave­ra­ge amount of wa­ter con­tai­ned in a man-s­ha­ped prism from point A to point B, and you get that wa­ter in your front if you go slow an­ywa­y.

As­su­ming the spee­d/­soaki­ness cur­ve is rou­gh­ly mo­no­to­nous, it's clear that the ma­xi­mum soaki­ness is when you go slo­wes­t.

If it's not mo­no­to­nous, then the ques­tion is rou­gh­ly unan­swe­ra­ble, sin­ce it would in­vol­ve the­re is an op­ti­mal speed and it's wor­se to go ei­ther fas­ter or slo­wer than tha­t, whi­ch means the an­swer is so­me­thing like "jo­g" whi­ch is not what you wan­t.

So, go fas­t, go dr­y.

Nikola Wordpress Importer Improvements

Thanks to ha­ving users tr­ying to ac­tua­lly im­port da­ta from wor­dpress, the wor­dpress im­por­ter plu­gin for Niko­la, my sta­tic si­te ge­ne­ra­tor got a cou­ple of new fea­tu­res.

  • It wi­­ll try to mai­n­­tain your URLs via re­­di­­re­c­­ts

    If your post was in /2012/1/2/a-­­po­s­­t/ and now it wi­­ll be in /po­s­­ts/a-­­po­s­­t.h­t­­ml it wi­­ll crea­­te a re­­di­­rect from the fo­r­­mer to the la­­tte­­r.

  • ur­­l_­­map for co­­­m­­ment mi­­gra­­tion

    It wi­­ll crea­­te a CSV fi­­le co­n­­tai­­ning the ol­­d,­­new fu­­ll URLs so that you can mo­­­ve your dis­­qus th­­rea­­ds to the ri­­ght pla­­ce­s.

Al­so, mas­ter wo­rks wi­th do­cu­tils 0.10 whi­ch bro­ke in the last re­lea­se.

For the­se rea­son­s, the­re wi­ll be a 5.0.1 re­lea­se to­day or to­mo­rro­w.

PS: if you want to see a few si­tes using Niko­la, now you can.

Rst2pdf 0.93 released

A bit ahead of sche­du­le, I just uploaded ver­sion 0.93 of rs­t2­pdf a tool to con­vert res­truc­tu­red text in­to PDF fi­le­s.

He­re are so­me of the chan­ges in this ver­sio­n:

  • Fixed Is­­sue 447: Dou­­ble-­­si­­ded alwa­­ys sta­r­­ts on the ri­­ght (By Rob Lu­­dwi­­ck)

    • Re­­­mo­­­­­ved --­­­fi­r­s­­­t-­­­pa­­­ge-e­­­ven as it was not us­ed an­­­ywhe­­­re.

    • Added --­­­fi­r­s­­­t-­­­pa­­­ge-o­­­n-­­­ri­­­ght

  • Fixed Is­­sue 464: su­­pport ali­g­n­­ment via :cla­ss: in ima­­ge di­­re­c­­ti­­ve­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 482: Li­­ne blo­­­cks wi­­th in­­den­ted pa­r­­ts get ex­­tra­­neous spa­­cing

  • Fixed Is­­sue 470: Su­­pport for :ta­r­­ge­­t: in fi­­gu­­res.

  • New sty­­le "i­­ma­­ge" to be applied to ima­­ge di­­re­c­­ti­­ve­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 485: Be­­­tter sty­­ling su­­pport for fi­­gu­­res/i­­ma­­ges (s­­pa­­ce­­Be­­­fo­­­re/A­­fte­­r)

  • Su­­pport rs­­t2­­pdf [inf [ou­­tf]] syn­­tax to be mo­­­re co­m­­pa­­ti­­ble wi­­th rs­­t2*

  • Im­­ple­­men­ted Is­­sue 389: New --s­­tri­­p-e­­le­­men­­t-wi­­th-­­cla­ss op­­tion

  • Fixed Is­­sue 474: Ce­­ll­S­­ty­­le1 is not the­­re in re­­po­r­­tlab 2.6

  • Re­­mo­­­ved de­­fault pa­­dding from De­­la­­ye­­dTa­­ble, whi­­ch looked bad on hea­­de­r­s/­­foote­r­s.

  • Im­­pro­­­ve­­men­­ts to the ma­­th di­­re­c­­ti­­ve (font co­­­lor and si­­ze)

  • Be­­­tter su­­pport for sty­­ling li­­te­­ra­l­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 454 (S­­pli­­tting fai­­lu­­re)

  • Re­­gress­ed Is­­sue 374 (so­­­me li­­te­­ral blo­­­cks get overspli­­t)

  • Swi­­tched from sv­­glib to sv­­g2rlg

  • Re­­mo­­­ved uni­­co­n­­ve­r­­tor su­­pport

  • Fixed Is­­sue 477: Si­nk footno­­­te se­­pa­­ra­­tor (pa­­tch by ase­r­­ma­­x)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 473: Su­­pport "co­­­de" di­­re­c­­ti­­ve like an alias of co­­­de-­­blo­­­ck.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 472: Im­­ple­­men­ted MyI­­ma­­ge._un­­Res­­tri­c­­tSi­­ze

  • Fixed Is­­sue 471: Res­­pect cla­ss in li­­ne­­blo­­­cks.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 455: New pi­s­a/­­xh­t­­m­­l2­­pdf has ve­­ry di­­ffe­­rent im­­po­r­­ts

  • Ma­­rked Is­­sue 358 as fixe­­d.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 410: alwa­­ys in­­clu­­de fu­­ll li­­nes in co­­­de-­­blo­­­cks (m­­mue­­ller pa­­tch)

Nikola is Python 2 1/2 ready

On my free ti­me, lun­ch hour­s, and su­ch I ha­ve been tweaking Niko­la, my sta­tic si­te ge­ne­ra­tor to make it py­thon 3 friend­l­y. We­ll, I so­mewha­t-ac­ci­den­ta­ll­y-­m­y-­do­g-­ma­de-­me-­do­-it may ha­ve co­m­mi­tted a lot of that in­to mas­te­r.

So, ri­ght no­w, things may be so­mewhat bro­ken on py­tho­n2 and so­mewhat wo­rking a li­ttle on py­tho­n3.

In any ca­se, feel free to try it ou­t, and let me know what to fix.

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