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Advogato post for 2001-08-27 16:20:21

Well... what has happened in the last two months or so?

Let's see... I got a new job. Conec­ti­va paid me. My coun­try seems to be go­ing down the tubes, I have a new niece, I got a girl­friend, I lost a girl­friend (same one), I had fun, I made some mis­takes, I cod­ed noth­ing, I post­ed no di­ary en­tries, I wrote one ar­ti­cle about smart­tags post­ed here, and MS then goes and holds smart­tags back just to piss me off ;-)

It seems I am pret­ty much out of the free soft­ware world these days, since I have not cod­ed any­thing sig­nif­i­cant free stuff in about a year (or three­). Hon­est­ly, that does­n't make me loose any sleep, since my per­son­al life has been... lets say, var­ied.

Advogato post for 2001-06-28 20:23:03

Another day, another not-getting-my-money from Conectiva.

This morn­ing, sud­den­ly the lawyer seemed not to re­mem­ber any­thing about the bonus I had agreed a month ago in lieu of hav­ing to close the op­er­a­tions. Ug­ly sit­u­a­tion.

But I did get a check!

But of course the ver­min known as Conec­ti­va's le­gal rep­re­sen­ta­tive could not give it to me be­fore the banks closed.

Now, to­mor­row morn­ing, I will try to cash it (I have about 18 fin­gers crossed right now, on­ly two left for typ­ing, so for­give any mis­spellings).

The weird thing is that this rather mi­nor 24 hour nig­gle was enough to erase any good­will I had left to­wards Conec­ti­va[1].

The prod­uct is nice. Right now, af­ter the quite ug­ly meet­ing with the lawyer[2], how­ev­er, I will not touch any­thing re­lat­ed to the com­pa­ny with a ten foot pole, and I sug­gest any read­ers do the same thing. Or at least, don't get in­volved with them in any busi­ness: us­ing the soft­ware is usu­al­ly not enough to cause you headaches.

[1]I would mut­ter about camels and back­s, about cups and drop­s, about oth­er small and stur­dy analo­gies if I had a small­er dis­like for cliche.

[2] Who dared call me con­flic­tive, when they are 28 days late to pay my freak­ing sal­lary, not to men­tion the sev­er­ance! I may be con­flic­tive: the be­hav­iour of the com­pa­ny he rep­re­sents and him­self can be de­scribed by "in­com­pe­tent || malev­o­len­t". I will take the easy way and claim he is about as com­pe­tent as the av­er­age es­ki­mo is com­pe­tent at sur­f.

Advogato post for 2001-06-27 17:19:42

Another day, MAYBE another no/show for Conectiva.

Lat­est news: Mail from their lawyer say­ing he is au­tho­rized now since yes­ter­day, and he will pick up the check­book to­day [1] and that ¨it would be nice to have the liq­ui­da­tion num­ber­s, so I will ask the ac­coun­tant to pro­vide them¨[2]. It would be nice in­deed. Spe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing Conec­ti­va has not yet told me WHAT ex­act­ly they are go­ing to pay or HOW MUCH of it are they go­ing to fork over.

So, I call the not-in-a-hur­ry dude with a law de­gree and... ¨he is busy right now, do you want to leave a mes­sage?¨[3]

Call­back from the I-charge-by-the-hour es­quire: ¨the num­bers have not ar­rived yet. We´ll call you¨[4]

They have about an hour left of bank hours. Some­how I don´t think I will meet my mon­ey to­day.

[1] No, no idea why he did­n´t pick it up yes­ter­day [2] No, I have no idea why my liq­ui­da­tion is not done 27 days af­ter I was fired. [3] Damn right I want to. Tell him to make my check and call me! [4] Yes, ¨we´ll call you¨ is long for ¨maybe we will pay you, maybe we won´t¨

Advogato post for 2001-06-25 19:40:33

Another day, another Conectiva no-show.

Fri­day morn­ing: call this per­son on mon­day morn­ing, she will tell you how to get the mon­ey.

I call that per­son all morn­ing, and all af­ter­noon: her phone is dis­con­nect­ed. Ha ha ha.

I am re­al­ly start­ing to think some­body is just pulling my leg here.

You know, sort of "let's see what Rober­to will do if we keep him poor for an­oth­er 4 days".

I would send them a le­gal no­tice... if they had an ad­dress where I could send such a thing.

Advogato post for 2001-06-21 23:19:17

On a different note: I bet noone is interested in knowing that Conectiva after firing me 21 days ago (the Argentina branch closed), still has not paid me a dime (not even may's sallary), thus owing me a lot of money?

Not to men­tion that I have about $25 to eat and live un­til they do, and no cred­it card­s? And they are not giv­ing a pos­si­ble date when they will pay?

Conec­ti­va is a cool com­pa­ny. Or rather: Conec­ti­va is a com­pa­ny where a bunch of cool peo­ple work. How­ev­er, the way they have han­dled this so far sucks rock­s.

To make a long sto­ry short: they say the mon­ey is in the bank, and that they can not get it out be­cause of a le­gal is­sue (there is noone au­tho­rized to take the mon­ey out, and au­tho­riz­ing some­one from Brazil takes a while).

Well, sure, that is all very nice and al­l, but I will not have mon­ey to buy gro­ceries on sun­day.

I re­al­ly hope some­one from Conec­ti­va reads this and has about as rot­ten a week­end as I will have. Of course they will feel bad and eat, while I will feel bad and not eat, but hey, you can't ask for ev­ery­thing.

And I re­al­ly, re­al­ly, re­al­ly hope say­ing this in a half-pub­lic fo­rum does­n't mean they are go­ing to re­duce the promised pay­check AGAIN.

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