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Advogato post for 2001-06-27 17:19:42

Another day, MAYBE another no/show for Conectiva.

Lat­est news: Mail from their lawyer say­ing he is au­tho­rized now since yes­ter­day, and he will pick up the check­book to­day [1] and that ¨it would be nice to have the liq­ui­da­tion num­ber­s, so I will ask the ac­coun­tant to pro­vide them¨[2]. It would be nice in­deed. Spe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing Conec­ti­va has not yet told me WHAT ex­act­ly they are go­ing to pay or HOW MUCH of it are they go­ing to fork over.

So, I call the not-in-a-hur­ry dude with a law de­gree and... ¨he is busy right now, do you want to leave a mes­sage?¨[3]

Call­back from the I-charge-by-the-hour es­quire: ¨the num­bers have not ar­rived yet. We´ll call you¨[4]

They have about an hour left of bank hours. Some­how I don´t think I will meet my mon­ey to­day.

[1] No, no idea why he did­n´t pick it up yes­ter­day [2] No, I have no idea why my liq­ui­da­tion is not done 27 days af­ter I was fired. [3] Damn right I want to. Tell him to make my check and call me! [4] Yes, ¨we´ll call you¨ is long for ¨maybe we will pay you, maybe we won´t¨

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