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Advogato post for 2001-06-21 23:19:17

On a different note: I bet noone is interested in knowing that Conectiva after firing me 21 days ago (the Argentina branch closed), still has not paid me a dime (not even may's sallary), thus owing me a lot of money?

Not to men­tion that I have about $25 to eat and live un­til they do, and no cred­it card­s? And they are not giv­ing a pos­si­ble date when they will pay?

Conec­ti­va is a cool com­pa­ny. Or rather: Conec­ti­va is a com­pa­ny where a bunch of cool peo­ple work. How­ev­er, the way they have han­dled this so far sucks rock­s.

To make a long sto­ry short: they say the mon­ey is in the bank, and that they can not get it out be­cause of a le­gal is­sue (there is noone au­tho­rized to take the mon­ey out, and au­tho­riz­ing some­one from Brazil takes a while).

Well, sure, that is all very nice and al­l, but I will not have mon­ey to buy gro­ceries on sun­day.

I re­al­ly hope some­one from Conec­ti­va reads this and has about as rot­ten a week­end as I will have. Of course they will feel bad and eat, while I will feel bad and not eat, but hey, you can't ask for ev­ery­thing.

And I re­al­ly, re­al­ly, re­al­ly hope say­ing this in a half-pub­lic fo­rum does­n't mean they are go­ing to re­duce the promised pay­check AGAIN.

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