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Grrr... I want one of these. I just need a reason.

I just saw this post about the Shee­vaP­lug. I need one. First I need a rea­son to need it.

  • Back­­up server? Add a USB disk en­­clo­­sure, put ev­ery­thing in a met­al box, in­­stall bac­u­la and-or rdif­f-back­­up?

  • Same hard­ware, Home MPD server?

  • Idem, home SAN?

  • Por­­ta­ble de­­mo server? I could in­­stall some so­lu­­tions on SD cards and show them for clients with this and my net­­book.

Sug­ges­tions ac­cept­ed...

Qt 4.5

Do­ing a rou­tine up­date in my desk­top, I was sur­prised to see Qt 4.5 is now in ex­tra! Way to go Arch!

I had a bad start, because all fonts were broken, but after running fc-­cache -fv as root and my user it looks ok again.

In fac­t, it fix­es a bug that has been an­noy­ing me for a year.

Per­for­mance seems to be snap­pi­er. That may be a bit sub­jec­tive, but things like the an­i­ma­tions in krun­ner now are re­al­ly quick and smooth while be­fore they were jumpy.

And... I can try to make flash work in uRSSus! Yay!

UP­DATE: it just start­ed work­ing:


Shareware has always seemed weird to me

Any­one ac­tu­al­ly buy­ing Tree?

Be­cause I just have to won­der: I am pret­ty sure I could clone it in a week­end.

It's very ba­sic, on­ly for Mac...

And yet the au­thor asks for $40 for the full ver­sion. Tell you what, read­er­s, pledge me $400 (amer­i­can dol­lars, that is ;-) and I prom­ise I can de­liv­er:

  • An app of sim­i­lar fea­­tures

  • Open Source

  • Mul­ti­­plat­­form (Mac/Win/Lin­ux at least)

In one week. While do­ing my job and tak­ing care of my boy.

In fac­t, I don't ex­pect it to take more than one full day of cod­ing, and 400 bucks is more than my usu­al rate any­way.

If I don't re­lease it, don't give me the mon­ey and keep the code any­way, which would be in a pub­lic re­po for progress mon­i­tor­ing.

Outlook, IMAP and Exchange

Ok, I will post this just in case some poor soul needs to try do­ing it. You tell me if it makes any sense.

  • When in­­stalling Out­­look 2000, you can choose sup­­port for "Group­ware on­­ly", "In­ter­net on­­ly" or "both­­".

  • In­­ter­net On­­ly lets you cre­ate IMAP or POP3 ac­­counts, but no Ex­change ac­­counts.

  • Group­ware On­­ly lets you use Ex­change, but no IMAP or POP3.

  • Both gives you on­­ly Ex­change and POP3, but no IMAP.

Here is how you can have Ex­change and IMAP at the same time:

  1. Close Out­­look.

  2. Go to con­trol pan­el.

  3. There you have a "Mail" icon that was in­­stalled by Of­­fice.

  4. Use that icon to cre­ate the IMAP ac­­coun­t.

And some peo­ple dare say win­dows is easy to man­age :-P

Yes, I know, old soft­ware, what­ev­er. It's not my fault if up­grad­ing the freak­ing mail client costs so much mon­ey they won't do it be­caue they have to up­grade the whole pud­dle­jump­ing of­fice suit­e.

PS: Thanks to the guy that told me how it's done ;-)

PS2: How to make Out­look show more than 100 re­sults from LDAP: http://­sup­port­.mi­cro­soft­.­com/k­b/262848

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