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My kid and xkcd

xkcd 0xF­F:

See this strip at xkcd, the gretest com­ic... ev­er!

Re­al life (he is not even 2 years old yet):

I need to find a re­al­ly tall one in the next 4 years.

Session 5 is slightly delayed

I planned to have it ready for to­day, but my cur­rent con­sult­ing job (mi­grat­ing a firm from Ex­change to FLOSS) is get­ting a bit gnarly (most­ly be­cause of Out­look 2000) (Yes, I know).

It may be done this sat­ur­day, maybe next tues­day, I just don't know yet.

PyQt by Example (Session 1) available in spanish, and other updates

Thanks to Se­bastián Bassi, there is now a span­ish trans­la­tion of the first part of the se­ries. You can read it here.

Al­so, be­cause of a mis­take I made, to­ has lacked mean­ing­ful com­ments for a while. That's fixed now.

Al­so, there is a new RSS feed specif­i­cal­ly for this tu­to­ri­al se­ries.

Sun of Suns (Virga, #1)

Cover for Sun of Suns (Virga, #1)


An orig­i­nal set­ting (I can on­ly think of Niven's sig­ma trees?), ac­tion, ad­ven­ture... it'sr eal­ly an old-­fash­ioned swash­buck­ler, but with lots of twist­s.

Sad­ly I can't get the se­quels yet.

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