2003-10-07 20:09

Late at night....

...and still lots to do. Well, not really late, just 8PM, but lots and lots and lots to do.

I really should start saying no to some jobs. Or hire someone.

As of now, I am teaching 3 courses, total 21 hours/week, plus consulting (about 30 hours/week). Call me lazy, but 50hs/week is just too much.

Sure, I get paid for it, but what do I want money for if I can't do anything I want?

Of course what I want is to play "Driver 2"[1] for hours and then code a little. But hey, to each his own taste.

[1] Yes, I am playing Playstation 1 games. I own a PS1. It's nice, it hooks to the TV, so the image is big, and the sound is loud. That's about all I ask of the gaming experience :-)

2003-10-06 16:56

Bartleblog now in sf.net

So, the link below will disappear in a minute or two. Right now, you can get it via CVS.

2003-10-05 17:57

Bartleblog 0.0.1

I got a few mails asking to see Bartleblog... well, if you have a working PyQt, and a working PyDS (advogato support is totally broken right now), and you have a good backup of your blog, then you may try to get it from here (Use CVS)

It is just not useful for a normal blogger right now.

I hope the nice guys at pycs.net don't mind me posting it here (it's smaller than some of the dynamic HTML pages ;-)

In a couple of days I will move it to sf.net, as soon as I get the project approved.

2003-10-05 17:34

klog == bartleblog

I wonder if bartlebog is a good name. It sure is better than klog, and I like XIXth century lit references.

I also suspect almost noone will get it, and that it just can't be pronounced ;-)

I wanted it to be bartleby, but there is some tool using that name in sourceforge.

On other issues: it's HOT here!.

2003-10-04 16:18

This cracks me up!

What satire has become! I was reading http://barrapunto.com and...

Some quotes:

"However, these propagandists aren't just targeting the young. Take for example Apple Computers, makers of the popular Macintosh line of computers. The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism."

I mean, this guy is a comic genius!

2003-10-02 18:40


Two hard days of work, including migrating a server at midnight. A server that noone really knew exactly what it did!

You see, lots of apps went through it. Weird business custom proprietary apps for several companies.

So, what had to be done? make another one of those evil contraptions work. But apparently noone found a way to pile another hack on the hacktower, and my job was to clean up the mess.

Well, they haven't called me yet, so either it worked, or the guy that I gave my number was fired ;-)

2003-09-30 21:52

Baby steps

Implementing proper updating is simple in that sending stuff to PyDS is simple. However, having the GUI do the right thing is tricky:

When you modify an entry and switch to another, you have to offer a chance to save or discard.

If the user discards, you have to go back to the original data, so it must be saved somewhere else. And remember this:

>>> a={}
>>> b=a
>>> a['x']=1
>>> b['x']

Yeah, obvious python semantics. Lost an hour, though ;-)

What you want to do instead is:


If he saves, you have to upload.

Also, when he modifies, you have to update the post list realtime, so you see a coherent entity. Not too hard, but it forces you to despaghettize code somewhat.

2003-09-29 22:15

Almost a useful app

Lacks lots of stuff, but the UI is pretty much done.

Stuff needed before publishing:

  • Updating posts (PyDS and advogato)
  • Deleting posts (PyDS and advogato)
  • Posting new (advogato)

Stuff done:

  • Account creation
  • Account edition
  • Post edition
  • Posting new (PyDS)
Sadly, I have lots of work for the next two or three days, so progress will slow.

And.... evil plugin code! (I will redo it someday, maybe):

#Here acctype is one of "pyds" or "advogato"
#Both are modules that define a class called Editor, 
#which inherits a QWidget

exec ("import "+acctype+" as blog")

Of course, if an evil guy could redefine the list of plugins and insert an evil module into your PYTHONPATH, this would REALLY suck ;-)

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