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Advogato post for 2001-06-21 22:49:30

Hey, I have been called a Microsoft apologist!

All be­cause I wrote a lit­tle ar­ti­cle say­ing that maybe in one par­tic­u­lar case Mi­crosoft­'s in­tent is not of un­com­pass­ing evil, but maybe it is a fea­ture that users may, you know, well, like ;-)

Hon­est­ly, I don't ex­pect any bet­ter ;-)

It amazes me that so many peo­ple in the so-­called free soft­ware com­mu­ni­ty have such lit­tle ca­pac­i­ty to ac­cept dis­agree­men­t.

Yes, my ar­ti­cle may seem like an ex­am­ple of such a thing, too. How­ev­er, I think I have a good ex­cuse: I am right, and ev­ery­one else is not ;-)

Or at least, I may be wrong, but I am wrong on the side of free­dom, while oth­ers are (IMHO) wrong on the side of ob­scu­ran­tism and cen­sor­ship (even if they don't re­al­ize it, re­mem­ber thay are wrong and I am not ;-)

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