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Advogato post for 2001-04-18 00:34:56

Ok, I got diverted from my external actions stuff (it's almost done anyway), to write a surveillance app for a possible customer.

Right now, it's work­ing nice­ly. Per­haps its worth re­leas­ing as free soft­ware, too :-)

It us­es the mo­tion pack­age, be­cause it's in­tend­ed to:

a) Ar­chive all the in­ter­est­ing stuff
b) Use as lit­tle band­width be­tween the cam­era serv­er and the com­put­er with the watch­er.

This way the watch­er can watch many cam­eras.

It's a nifty thing, and it MUST be fin­ished to­mor­row, so I will prob­a­bly shove it in­to fresh­meat&­co on fri­day.

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