2003-09-28 19:22

Now, that was easy!

I always dread the moment when a package has to be shared, and something distributable has to be made. You know, don't forget any files, and such.

Not to mention the ancillary nightmare of make/automake/autoconf/aclocal/etc. I simply trusted the kindness of strangers for that.

And I never managed to make RPMs or anything like it. But distutils makes installing, distributing, really simple.

Here's an example:
#!/usr/bin/env python

from distutils.core import setup

setup (name="klog",
       description="klog: a PyQt blog tool",
       author="Roberto Alsina",
       author_email="[email protected]",
       long_description="""Long description here """


That is enough to build, install, create RPMs, Debian packages, include the file in PyPI, and who knows what else.

Have another file in the project? Just toss it in the klogmodules directory, and it's done!

Of course this is only for python apps, but I don't see me coding in other languages soon. The only reason I got into C++ was because there was no decent interpreted language with a decent toolkit!

2003-09-28 04:37

Second klog post ever

Ok, klog is just a temporary name, but it's 4AM, and I am not creative. So, what is it? It's a PyQT client to PyDS.

Look at the picture in the link, if you want!

Now, I am not sure if I will work on it much, since I only did it to learn a bit about XMLRPC, but it DOES work, or else, you won't be able to read this anyway ;-)

Rationale: While PyDS is a great piece of work, editing text through a web page feels like scratching wearing gloves. It is doable, but it's not satisfying. So, I tried this just to see how hard it would be... answer: not very hard, really.

Just to keep me honest, and keep the software somewhat designed instead of piled, I am doing a advogato module that replaces the PyDS one (of course with much less functionality).

2003-09-28 04:19


If this works, then I have something here!

2003-09-26 17:28

Safe Remote Blogging with PyDS

New tutorial: Enabling remote blogging securely in PyDS, using authentication and a HTTPS reverse proxy.

Useful if you want to, for example, put PyDS on the Internet to blog from anywhere!

2003-09-26 13:17

Man, I feel... <i>watched</i>

If taking your picture steals your soul, writing a 128 page thesis about a group must> do something to it ;-)

Specially one with subjects like "Theoretical Excursus: the Underlying Psychological Mechanism of Individual Knowledge Transfer" and "The Knowing Subject as Autopoetic System".

Apparently the writing of such things is part of the rituals of passage into adulthood in the tribe of the humbly called "Masters of Social and Economic Sciences" ;-)

2003-09-25 22:12

Ha! Money!

Ok, fake money, but the articles page is worth $26,550.04, while the weblog one is worth $1000 just like an empty wiki.

Here's the evolution (click for larger version)

Some people have waaaaaay too much free time :-)

2003-09-25 17:03

Slow day

So, I'm only posting out of discipline.

Looks like I will finally deliver a product that has been finished for a long time. Let's hope it doesn't crash and burn too soon.

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