2003-09-24 20:36

Fighting Spam with Qmail (part I)

Well, what the title says, mostly :-)

How to integrate qmail and spamassassin, so your mail gets filtered, trying to keep it simple.

2003-09-24 15:08

Writing YAT

Yet Another Tutorial. This time, it should be about writing apps for KDE that rely on DBs to handle their data.

This is mostly because of the reactions to my proposal to include qsqlite in kdelibs.

Maybe seing that the code is simple will help make it seem useful.

2003-09-22 20:13

py2html trial

In the python listing at the end of the article, I applied py2html so it would get syntax highlighting.

In mozilla it looks ok, in Konqueror it flows over the box.

I wonder if that's how it's supposed to work and it only looks well in Mozilla by accident.

2003-09-22 15:36

The Right Stuff

A four-part article about Murphy's law, but it's not about silly thrice-derived witticisms, it's about the guys who where around when it was invented, Edwards Air Force Base.

Even Chuck Yeager is in it.

If you like this, though, get The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, it's better and much longer ( but it has no reference to the law, IIRC ;-).

2003-09-22 14:47

Look at these cameras

They are regular PAL TV cameras, 704x576, and that is a regular CD.

I am developing a security camera solution based on Linux and motion, and well, the gadgets are just too nifty :-)

One of those is infrared and can shoot in the dark. It even has LEDs to illuminate (in infrared, so you can't see).

Paranoids must hate technology nowadays!

2003-09-21 18:53

That's so ... early 90s

Ok, everyone writes what pleases him, but... coding a Motif desktop in the 21st century?

And not for an obscene amount of money?

At least noone can say Jeffrey E. Bedard is a follower. He is doing his own thing!

This is what I thought about when I saw the announcement. You can try it, too.

Isn't it amazing how nothing ever goes away? :-)

2003-09-21 17:28

Why python is nice

Nice post at mechanicalcat.net, about why python makes good programming easier, or at least not harder.

2003-09-21 03:12

Queue Management with Qmail

Brand new article, just finished writing it.

This article describes the queue system of qmail, and the tools you can use to manage it. Also, it introduces a new one, called qmail-cleaner, to find messages in the queue that match a given regular expression.

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