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Advogato post for 2000-09-07 15:47:02


I still say "I'll be­lieve it when I see it", but at least I have SOME hopes of se­ing it.

I steel feel De­bian has, in gen­er­al, act­ed wrong in the past, but I will apol­o­gize and for­give. When the code is in, of course.

I won­der if this means that RMS will de­clare De­bian to be non-free soft­ware, though.

Two more ran­dom li­cense ques­tion­s:

a) if KDE code was not prop­er­ly li­censed, then it was not li­censed. If it was not li­censed, noone could use it. If noone could use it, noone could de­rive from it. If noone could de­rive, gtkhtml is il­le­gal, and GNOME should be dumped from De­bian. And GNOME should ask for­give­ness?

b) Nau­tilus (and oth­er GNOME pro­gram­s) are GPL and link (op­tion­al­ly) to mozil­la. Mozil­la is still not com­pat­i­ble with the GPL. Should­n't those pro­grams be de­clared "not prop­er­ly li­censed" by De­bian, too?

My an­swer­s: no and no. But nei­ther should KDE have had to take as much crap when oth­ers are al­lowed to get away with it.

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