2003-09-20 23:16


Since KRecipes seems to be using QSQLite without much trouble, it seems the nice guys who adopted it have fixed it enough to work.

So, I just sent a proposal to kde-core-devel to include it somewhere visible, and thus encourage people to use DBs in their apps. Let's see how it turns out.

2003-09-20 22:45

New PyDS

I had updated to PyDS 0.5.2 and wondered why I saw no change... well, it turns out one has to update the templates in ~/.PyDS, of course.

Now, I will try to do that and then port back the changes I had made.

2003-09-18 17:48

The russian comments

I understand them now :-)

Apparently, the poster wants to use authentication on Squid against a LDAP server, and use LDAP groups to decide whether the user is allowed or denied.

Apparently, there is no way to do that with Squid itself. But it sounds like a simple thing to do using an external program.

Who knows, I may write it, too ;-)

Other comments showed concern about this passing cleartext passwords. That is true. Simple modifications to the scripts should prevent the POP3 or IMAP access from doing that, but I know no way to make Squid use an encrypted link for the authentication (At least not without using Squid v3).

2003-09-17 18:45

Ok, so I am a compulsive mess.

Since I found how to make the articles keep the nice links to the comment pages, I just _HAD_ to fix all the previous articles so they do that.

I am sure there is some template somewhere that does that, but... well, I didn't find it.

But it was necessary, because I want that if someone runs into any of the old things in the future, he can find the comments about it.

Of course all the articles have more edits than comments right now, but that may change someday ;-)

2003-09-17 18:16

Small correction in the CIPE article

If you are installing CIPE on Red Hat (and possibly other distributions), you need to remove the cipcb kernel module that comes with the distro's standard kernel, since it will mismatch your new CIPE's version.

2003-09-17 14:13

Referrers fun

The CIPE article was accepted by linuxtoday, and it got some readership. So far, the comments are good.

And both the CIPE and Squid/POP articles got mentioned by opennet.ru. There is a comment in the Squid one. I can only understand LDAP in it, even after babelfishing it. Hopefully it doesn't say "You should use LDAP, doofus", because I know it's mostly true ;-)

2003-09-15 19:58

Squid authentication via POP or IMAP

A short tutorial explaining how to make Squid validate its users against a POP or IMAP server. It must be useful, because I use it ;-)

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