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Urssus: import from google reader

It was rather easy be­cause I did­n't do the hard part (thanks au­thors of pyr­feed!)and now uRSSus has a sim­ple "im­port my sub­scrip­tions from Google Read­er" ac­tion.

All I can say is "it works for me" and "Google sure strips da­ta from the feed­s!".

It will im­port your tags as top-lev­el fold­ers (merged with what­ev­er you al­ready had).

Should be smart enough not to du­pli­cate feeds or fold­er­s.

If a feed is in more than one fold­er, it will show in the first list­ed by google (no idea what the or­der is).

Urssus: August 2nd - going small

Most­ly, I spent my two hours to­day refac­tor­ing. But al­so, test­ing how uRSSus looks on a small screen. Take a look:


This is urssus in the con­fig­u­ra­tion I liked best on my 7", 800x480 eeeP­C's screen.

As you can see, a more com­pact tem­plate for the com­bined view is a must, and I will im­ple­ment a com­pact tem­plate. Or maybe just make a con­fig­u­ra­tion op­tion where you choose what tem­plate the com­bined view us­es, to avoid the mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of "mod­es" that are the ex­act same thing un­der the hood.

Us­ing com­bined view with all bars hid­den and fullscreen makes for a rather large read­ing area, which is nice.

The per­for­mance in that lim­it­ed com­put­er was good... un­til the mem­o­ry us­age bal­loon­s. While uRSSus is not too CPU hun­gry, it's pret­ty mem­o­ry in­ten­sive. There are ob­vi­ous ways to im­prove that, of course, and I am ex­plor­ing them.

BTW, I have not mea­sured this in a while: 1957 lines of code. And still quite fun!

Urssus: no release today

I had planned to re­lease a new ver­sion to­day, but there are too many untest­ed fea­tures. A list:

  • Feed re­order­ing via drag and drop

  • Unique ap­p. The sec­ond uRSSus just makesthe first one op­er­ate.

  • Lots of refac­­tor­ing to cleanup View/­­Mod­­el re­lat­ed things.

Since it's a lot of code, it will need a day or two of test­ing. Or a week.

Urssus: July 31st - Many small things (with not-too-cool screenshot)

Helped by the test­ing by vgar­vardt, many is­sues and pos­si­ble fea­tures have been fixed or im­ple­ment­ed in the last two days. Here's an in­com­plete list:

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed (and lat­er fixed) prop­er close-­­to-­­tray

  • Mark­ing a fold­er as read marks all its chil­­dren

  • The re­set fil­ter but­­ton works like Akre­­ga­­tor's

  • The tray changes its icon when there are un­read items (and shows a count in the tooltip). Icon work need­ed, though.

  • Dou­ble click on a post opens in ex­ter­­nal brows­er

  • De­­fault re­fresh pe­ri­od is con­­fig­urable (no UI yet)

  • The feed tooltip shows un­read count

  • Win­­dow size and po­si­­tion is mem­o­rized

  • Po­si­­tion of the split­ters is mem­o­rized

  • Tool­bar ti­­tles are now rea­­son­able (n­ev­er tried to right-click a Qt tool­bar be­­fore)

  • Bet­ter tem­­plates for feed and post lay­outs

  • Un­read item­s/feeds are now shown bold

  • The about win­­dow has the right ti­­tle and icon, and does­n't ap­­pear in the taskbar.

There is al­most cer­tain­ly go­ing to be a re­lease to­mor­row.

And here's a pic­ture:


Urssus: July 30th (way too late). Now with users!

At least three peo­ple have tried urssus (in­clud­ing me ;-) and over 80 have down­load­ed it. The two that told me any­thing say it's a nice ap­p.

I hope it keeps im­prov­ing.

Right now, it has about a dozen less bugs (or more fea­tures) thanks to the is­sue re­ports by vgar­vardt!

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