2008-08-02 23:02

Urssus: August 2nd - going small

Mostly, I spent my two hours today refactoring. But also, testing how uRSSus looks on a small screen. Take a look:


This is urssus in the configuration I liked best on my 7", 800x480 eeePC's screen.

As you can see, a more compact template for the combined view is a must, and I will implement a compact template. Or maybe just make a configuration option where you choose what template the combined view uses, to avoid the multiplication of "modes" that are the exact same thing under the hood.

Using combined view with all bars hidden and fullscreen makes for a rather large reading area, which is nice.

The performance in that limited computer was good... until the memory usage balloons. While uRSSus is not too CPU hungry, it's pretty memory intensive. There are obvious ways to improve that, of course, and I am exploring them.

BTW, I have not measured this in a while: 1957 lines of code. And still quite fun!


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