2008-07-31 22:53

Urssus: July 31st - Many small things (with not-too-cool screenshot)

Helped by the testing by vgarvardt, many issues and possible features have been fixed or implemented in the last two days. Here's an incomplete list:

  • Implemented (and later fixed) proper close-to-tray
  • Marking a folder as read marks all its children
  • The reset filter button works like Akregator's
  • The tray changes its icon when there are unread items (and shows a count in the tooltip). Icon work needed, though.
  • Double click on a post opens in external browser
  • Default refresh period is configurable (no UI yet)
  • The feed tooltip shows unread count
  • Window size and position is memorized
  • Position of the splitters is memorized
  • Toolbar titles are now reasonable (never tried to right-click a Qt toolbar before)
  • Better templates for feed and post layouts
  • Unread items/feeds are now shown bold
  • The about window has the right title and icon, and doesn't appear in the taskbar.

There is almost certainly going to be a release tomorrow.

And here's a picture:



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