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Qmail public domain? Cool!!!!

Ac­cord­ing to Slash­dot, at least.

That means there can be a re­al com­mu­ni­ty project to in­te­grate all the patch­es float­ing around!

That means qmail will stop suck­ing with­out need for man­u­al labour!

I am just thrilled by this.

I got my Asus eee!

Ok, not re­al­ly, but if ev­ery­thing works right, I get a "Galaxy Black" Asus eee 4G Surf in a cou­ple of weeks :-)

Ok, I want­ed the 4G, not the sur­f, but my moth­er in law is bring­ing it as a favour and I have no use for the we­b­cam any­way, so the on­ly dif­fer­ence is the sol­dered RAM, which I was not plan­ning to up­grade any­way.

If you are a qmail user: read this

  • My most use­­ful plug­in is prob­a­bly ipthrot­tle, which you can use to make overea­ger IPs con­nect less of­ten.

  • The ver­­sion cur­ren­t­­ly in SVN will au­­to­block those IPs for a con­­fig­urable amount of time if you are us­ing ipsvd which is like tcpserver, on­­ly much bet­ter.

  • I re­al­­ly need some­one to help me test the SVN ver­­sion, which should be way, way bet­ter than the re­leas­es on the page.

  • The SVN re­po is at google­­code

Rethinking Linux Configuration: Part I

I have said Lin­ux suck­s. Here's my new pro­jec­t: Make it suck less, one bit at a time.

And I start with one of the big chunks: con­fig­u­ra­tion.

Part I in a longish se­ries (I ex­pect 5 parts at least­).

My seal of approval!

The KDE project is re­li­cens­ing some code. There is a tool to ver­i­fy if any SVN ac­count hold­er is block­ing the re­li­cens­ing of some file.

Hey, looks like I was!

I don't ex­pect to have any ac­tu­al code there since I have not ed­itd those files in per­haps 6 years, but it cost­ed me noth­ing to ap­prove it ;-)

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