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Dear Lazyweb: What should my company's site be like?

The day is ar­riv­ing when Net Man­agers SRL will emerge from its co­coon of bu­reau­cra­cy.

Net Man­agers is a com­pa­ny. Of which I own a piece. And it will have a web­site, at­man­ager­s.­ ... and I have no idea what to put there.

So, what should it be like?

Here's some data:

  • It's formed by Lin­ux/U­nix geeks of a rather high lev­­el, IMHO

  • Our busi­­ness is fix­ing your Lin­ux/U­nix prob­lem­s, and ex­­plain­ing to you how you can re­al­­ly use Lin­ux/U­nix to do cool things (which mean­s, cor­po­rate Lin­ux con­­suklt­ing and sup­­port)

  • We have a re­laxed cor­po­rate cul­­ture. Ev­ery part­n­er would get the joke about how Christ­­mas and Thanks­­giv­ing are the same, since 25dec==31oc­t. We would pre­fer to ac­­tu­al­­ly show it. We are usu­al­­ly hired by IT grunts, not suit­­s.

  • I have a blog and it's re­al­­ly not en­ter­prisey , but it shows (I think) that I know about this. Should it be linked?

  • We have no phys­i­­cal of­­fices. Legal­­ly we do, but re­al­­ly, we op­er­ate out of each part­n­er's home­­s, on two dif­fer­­ent prov­inces. So, no pic­­tures of our cor­po­ra­­tion's digs avail­able ;-)

  • We are sort of a star­­tup, but more like a for­­mal­iza­­­tion of a way of work­ing that has been go­ing on for a while.

Ideas, sug­ges­tion­s, are wel­come.

Of course, ques­tions about our ser­vices are wel­come, too ;-)

Thinking in 800x480: Web browsing

I am still anx­ious­ly wait­ing for my Asus eee (still a week to go or so), and I was think­ing about web brows­ing in the 7", 800x480 screen.

Yes, you can do the usu­al things, go to full screen mod­e, what­ev­er, but for many sites, 800 pix­els is just too nar­row.

You can make pages fit bet­ter in a lim­it­ed width by re­duc­ing the font size. A good 8pt font is prob­a­bly read­able on that screen, since you will be pret­ty close to the screen.

How­ev­er, that does noth­ing for lay­outs that are pix­el-based, and for the size of im­ages.

How­ev­er, af­ter read­ing about Qt 4.4's sup­port for we­bkit and wid­gets in QGraph­icsView, I start­ed think­ing... that's do­ing it wrong.

What you want in lim­it­ed screen space is text in the usu­al size and the page in a small­er size.

So, my idea is:

  • Make the font larg­er. Say, 12p­t.

  • Ren­der the page in a we­bkit wid­get that's 1200x720 pix­el­s.

  • Put the wid­get in a QGraph­ic­sS­cene, and re­­duce it 33%.

The re­sult? a 800x480 web page view that con­tains the whole page.

Of course you should be able to change all these pa­ram­e­ters with a sin­gle con­trol. Is the page too wide to see in 800x480 with 8pt fonts?

Then try 1000x600 with 10pt fonts, and re­duce it to fit the screen.

Still too wide? Then try 1200x720 and a 33% re­duc­tion.

Pos­si­ble tip­s:

  • Should work bet­ter with aliased fonts, since the size re­­duc­­tion should make an­­tialiased fonts too blur­ry. A wide, open font will look bet­ter,

  • The scrol­l­bars will look squashed, I ex­pec­t. Prob­a­bly check­­box­es and ra­­dio but­­tons will look funky. Here, more ad­­vanced wiz­­ardry is need­ed.

Of course it would have to be test­ed, but I am will­ing to bet this will work bet­ter than oth­er al­ter­na­tives. If I had a work­ing PyQt 4.4 I would try to do it my­self ;-)

Qmail public domain? Cool!!!!

Ac­cord­ing to Slash­dot, at least.

That means there can be a re­al com­mu­ni­ty project to in­te­grate all the patch­es float­ing around!

That means qmail will stop suck­ing with­out need for man­u­al labour!

I am just thrilled by this.

I got my Asus eee!

Ok, not re­al­ly, but if ev­ery­thing works right, I get a "Galaxy Black" Asus eee 4G Surf in a cou­ple of weeks :-)

Ok, I want­ed the 4G, not the sur­f, but my moth­er in law is bring­ing it as a favour and I have no use for the we­b­cam any­way, so the on­ly dif­fer­ence is the sol­dered RAM, which I was not plan­ning to up­grade any­way.

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