2008-01-08 08:30

Dear Lazyweb: What should my company's site be like?

The day is arriving when Net Managers SRL will emerge from its cocoon of bureaucracy.

Net Managers is a company. Of which I own a piece. And it will have a website, at http://www.netmanagers.com.ar ... and I have no idea what to put there.

So, what should it be like?

Here's some data:

  • It's formed by Linux/Unix geeks of a rather high level, IMHO
  • Our business is fixing your Linux/Unix problems, and explaining to you how you can really use Linux/Unix to do cool things (which means, corporate Linux consuklting and support)
  • We have a relaxed corporate culture. Every partner would get the joke about how Christmas and Thanksgiving are the same, since 25dec==31oct. We would prefer to actually show it. We are usually hired by IT grunts, not suits.
  • I have a blog and it's really not enterprisey , but it shows (I think) that I know about this. Should it be linked?
  • We have no physical offices. Legally we do, but really, we operate out of each partner's homes, on two different provinces. So, no pictures of our corporation's digs available ;-)
  • We are sort of a startup, but more like a formalization of a way of working that has been going on for a while.

Ideas, suggestions, are welcome.

Of course, questions about our services are welcome, too ;-)


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