2003-03-05 09:38

Trying to code

I am trying to hack some stuff. I have not written any "releasable" stuff in a while. A LONG while. In fact, I am finding that I have physical problems coding.

For the first couple of days, my fingers bloated, and cracked when flexed. But now they are just fine. I never thought your hands could rust!

As for what I am doing, I am looking at package management. I think all GUI package managers suck. Ok, not suck, but I think the whole idea of how they work is wrong.

Now, how exactly would I like it to work? I am not 100% sure yet, and there are obstacles such as no damn docs at all for libapt.
I mean, for chrissakes, how hard is it to add a couple of comments into each function as you go defining them????

Once you do that, use doxygen, kdoc, or whatever, and you get docs. But no, all there is is a few HTML pages (which probably took longer to write) which describe ... THE BACKEND. Oh, sure, that would be useful if I wrote a reimplementation of apt. But who wants to do that?

2003-03-03 23:08

Learning libapt

I'm playing with libapt, to try a couple of ideas about package management.

The conclusion so far:

  • Yes, it can be used
  • The author believes docs are for wimps
  • I am lucky there is synaptic, which has a decent wrapper

2003-03-01 22:14

D-BUS: a systemwide bus / IPC system

The link goes to a message by Havoc Pennington describing D-BUS, a IPC technology being developed for use in Red Hat, and perhaps as a future (think 18 months) replacement for DCOP and maybe Bonobo's IPC mechanism.

Sounds nice, at least what I can understand of the specs, and adopting it shouldn't cause any big trauma on the KDE side, since our DCOP classes are autogenerated by macros anyway. Hopefully, it may even be source compatible.

Lots more information, including the specs and an interesting take on KDE-GNOME cooperation by Miguel de Icaza if you follow the links a little.

2003-03-01 01:41

Simple KDE Trick #1

This is the first article in what will hopefully will become a series explaining how a little creativity can enrich the KDE desktop experience, maybe using a not-very-popular feature.

This time, I explain how to make listening to Internet radio a more pleasant experience, using quickbrowser buttons.

2003-03-01 00:41

KDE 3.1 vs. GNOME 2.2: How GNOME became LAME

Prepare for a flamefest of moderate proportions, courtesy of LinuxWorld.

If Nick Petreley had written this article, say, two years ago, it would have generated enough heat to pop all the corn in Mexico, though.

Special ironic demerits for the use of a forced acronym as mechanism for criticism.

2003-02-28 15:47

In the beginning

Well, I have been wanting to have a weblog for a while, specially since I got a permanent Internet connection at home.

After reviewing some of the freely available tools, PyCS/PyDS really look like the best combination. They are simple, yet powerful. I could even set a personal server to try stuff, and there's free space at pycs.net. What else could I ask for?

Even further, I think the structure and APIs are nice, so I may try hacking a quickie Qt app for it, since I also want to try the PyQt bindings and the eric3 IDE...

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