2003-03-23 01:19

KFTE on SourceForge

I just remembered that in september 2000 I had created a KFTE project on sf.net.

So, I go check it and... yup, still open. Noone has even looked at the page since creation, no files, CVS, forum, mail or any other kind of activity since the creation of the project, but it is still open.

No wonder SourceForge has such an amazing number of projects registered! ;-)

But anyway, I uploaded release 0.7.0 here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kfte/

2003-03-22 11:37

Some programming

I just committed changes that make KFTE work on KDE 3.1

For anyone who likes FTE, a traditional programmer's editor from OS/2 (and DOS, and Mac, and X, and linux console, and pretty much everywhere :-), this version provides a pure Qt and a KDE version.

While KFTE will probably never become a full KDE application (it doesn't support standard shortcuts, for example), it is a cool editor, and one you can use everywhere.

Right now, the way to get it is through KDE's CVS, module kfte, instructions for KDE's current sources here

2003-03-17 19:29

Ok, I better keep on hacking!

So, I mentined KRsN on a couple of public places.

I even said stuff about it being available by the weekend. So I better get my hands dirty now! ;-)

2003-03-16 18:54


Well, just uploaded my hacked KDE 3.1 version of PyKDE to ftp://upload.kde.org/incoming/unstable/KDE3.x so it should propagate to the KDE mirrors soon.

It seems to work well, even if it doesn't expose ALL the KDE 3.1 API, and it should be useful as a stopgap until the authors release the real thing.

You can see a screenshot of it here

2003-03-14 20:48

Hey, google finds stuff!

Not only can you now reach this humble weblog through ggl:lateral+opinion (if you are using KDE, of course), but a look at my referrers show that the follwing google searches have gotten the searcher here:

d-bus havoc (reasonable, I wrote about it) kde vs gnome (reasonable, the words are here)


Ok, I wrote kfte. But I never mentioned it here. I wonder how that worked?

2003-03-14 20:33


Well, just because I want to use KHTML in KRsN, I got the latest PyKDE. It says it is for KDE up to 3.0.3 ...

Well, with very minimal hacking (deleting two lines in KFontDialog's sip file) and a couple of shoves at the build.py, it seems to be compiling allright on KDE 3.1.

Oh, sure, it won't expose the new pieces of API in KDE 3.1, but who cares? It will work. I suppose I will post it somewhere as soon as it does.

2003-03-13 09:52

Network problems

After some network hiccups (48 hour long hiccups, too), I have Internet at home again.

Man, am I pissed at the dumbasses who run velocom.com.ar :-P

2003-03-09 10:55

SCO is dead. Long live Intergraph II!

SCO is becoming Intergraph.

For those who don't know it, Intergraph was once a workstation maker.Last year they had 10M in business income. And 385M in lawsuit income.

Basically the company sits in a few patents, does nothing, and milks everyone else (not that it's illegal to do so).

And why I say SCO is becoming intergraph?

Let's look at the possible income sources for SCO, shall we?

  1. SCO OpenServer and UnixWARE: pretty much just upgrading old servers. That is not going to pay for R&D for new versions, and then this dries up, because no new version == no upgrades == no income. Unless of course, this gets subsidies from somewhere else.
  2. Caldera Linux == If this suit killed something, this is what got whacked
  3. Licensing of IP, either friendly or forceful a.k.a the Intergraph path
  4. There is no d!

And about c)... who is going to license the UNIX stuff from SCO anymore? This suit means if you do it, you can NEVER AGAIN develop a unix system or a linux system, or SCO will sue your ass. To do that to get a technology that is not too much better than FreeBSD... it makes no sense. Specially considering there will be no R&D on it anymore (see a).

The only ones with UNIX licenses wil be those who got them from AT&T, and they don't pay a dime to SCO. BTW: this basically means Sun, since HP-UX and IRIX and the rest is on their death bed anyway (and AIX... well, just think about it ;-).

So c), the only visible income source for SCO becomes "We will sue people, and live on what we get out of settlements".

Because SCO can't even do a GOOD Intergraph and actually win the lawsuits. Not this one, and not against IBM, at least, and they don't have a good patent portfolio!

Tu put it another way, SCO will become a bully that will try to look impressive and steal milk money from smaller companies. That is, they will, if IBM lets them.

If IBM caves in and settles, SCO will look impressive enough for this to work. Which is why I hope IBM beats the crap out of them, just to make SCO have to work to earn an honest buck.

2003-03-08 23:29

What I am writing

Well, if you are one of the 6 who actually checked the link in the previous entry, you will know I am writing a news aggregator ;-)

It is progressing quickly. Now it is almost a real application, and only 3 or 4 important features are still missing.

The only thing I wish is that there was a KDE 3.1 python binding, since I would need it to use KHTML :-(

Qt's QTextBrowser is nice, but it is not a HTML rendering engine, and it would give it a nice integrated feel. Ok, eventually PyKDE 3.1 will come out, I suppose :-)

PS: if you follow the Pictures link on the left side, you can see a new screenshot!

2003-03-06 22:17

PyQt is incredible

Just that. Click in the title for details and a screenshot.

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