2001-08-28 23:31

Advogato post for 2001-08-28 23:31:49

My day: Sleep. Woke up. Breakfast. Work. Work. Work. Work. Email. Web.

My plans for the rest of the day: Go home. Eat. Sleep.

Yay, so much fun!

2001-08-27 16:20

Advogato post for 2001-08-27 16:20:21

Well... what has happened in the last two months or so?

Let's see... I got a new job. Conectiva paid me. My country seems to be going down the tubes, I have a new niece, I got a girlfriend, I lost a girlfriend (same one), I had fun, I made some mistakes, I coded nothing, I posted no diary entries, I wrote one article about smarttags posted here, and MS then goes and holds smarttags back just to piss me off ;-)

It seems I am pretty much out of the free software world these days, since I have not coded anything significant free stuff in about a year (or three). Honestly, that doesn't make me loose any sleep, since my personal life has been... lets say, varied.

2001-06-28 20:23

Advogato post for 2001-06-28 20:23:03

Another day, another not-getting-my-money from Conectiva.

This morning, suddenly the lawyer seemed not to remember anything about the bonus I had agreed a month ago in lieu of having to close the operations. Ugly situation.

But I did get a check!

But of course the vermin known as Conectiva's legal representative could not give it to me before the banks closed.

Now, tomorrow morning, I will try to cash it (I have about 18 fingers crossed right now, only two left for typing, so forgive any misspellings).

The weird thing is that this rather minor 24 hour niggle was enough to erase any goodwill I had left towards Conectiva[1].

The product is nice. Right now, after the quite ugly meeting with the lawyer[2], however, I will not touch anything related to the company with a ten foot pole, and I suggest any readers do the same thing. Or at least, don't get involved with them in any business: using the software is usually not enough to cause you headaches.

[1]I would mutter about camels and backs, about cups and drops, about other small and sturdy analogies if I had a smaller dislike for cliche.

[2] Who dared call me conflictive, when they are 28 days late to pay my freaking sallary, not to mention the severance! I may be conflictive: the behaviour of the company he represents and himself can be described by "incompetent || malevolent". I will take the easy way and claim he is about as competent as the average eskimo is competent at surf.

2001-06-27 17:19

Advogato post for 2001-06-27 17:19:42

Another day, MAYBE another no/show for Conectiva.

Latest news: Mail from their lawyer saying he is authorized now since yesterday, and he will pick up the checkbook today [1] and that ¨it would be nice to have the liquidation numbers, so I will ask the accountant to provide them¨[2]. It would be nice indeed. Specially considering Conectiva has not yet told me WHAT exactly they are going to pay or HOW MUCH of it are they going to fork over.

So, I call the not-in-a-hurry dude with a law degree and... ¨he is busy right now, do you want to leave a message?¨[3]

Callback from the I-charge-by-the-hour esquire: ¨the numbers have not arrived yet. We´ll call you¨[4]

They have about an hour left of bank hours. Somehow I don´t think I will meet my money today.

[1] No, no idea why he didn´t pick it up yesterday [2] No, I have no idea why my liquidation is not done 27 days after I was fired. [3] Damn right I want to. Tell him to make my check and call me! [4] Yes, ¨we´ll call you¨ is long for ¨maybe we will pay you, maybe we won´t¨

2001-06-25 19:40

Advogato post for 2001-06-25 19:40:33

Another day, another Conectiva no-show.

Friday morning: call this person on monday morning, she will tell you how to get the money.

I call that person all morning, and all afternoon: her phone is disconnected. Ha ha ha.

I am really starting to think somebody is just pulling my leg here.

You know, sort of "let's see what Roberto will do if we keep him poor for another 4 days".

I would send them a legal notice... if they had an address where I could send such a thing.

2001-06-21 23:19

Advogato post for 2001-06-21 23:19:17

On a different note: I bet noone is interested in knowing that Conectiva after firing me 21 days ago (the Argentina branch closed), still has not paid me a dime (not even may's sallary), thus owing me a lot of money?

Not to mention that I have about $25 to eat and live until they do, and no credit cards? And they are not giving a possible date when they will pay?

Conectiva is a cool company. Or rather: Conectiva is a company where a bunch of cool people work. However, the way they have handled this so far sucks rocks.

To make a long story short: they say the money is in the bank, and that they can not get it out because of a legal issue (there is noone authorized to take the money out, and authorizing someone from Brazil takes a while).

Well, sure, that is all very nice and all, but I will not have money to buy groceries on sunday.

I really hope someone from Conectiva reads this and has about as rotten a weekend as I will have. Of course they will feel bad and eat, while I will feel bad and not eat, but hey, you can't ask for everything.

And I really, really, really hope saying this in a half-public forum doesn't mean they are going to reduce the promised paycheck AGAIN.

2001-06-21 22:49

Advogato post for 2001-06-21 22:49:30

Hey, I have been called a Microsoft apologist!

All because I wrote a little article saying that maybe in one particular case Microsoft's intent is not of uncompassing evil, but maybe it is a feature that users may, you know, well, like ;-)

Honestly, I don't expect any better ;-)

It amazes me that so many people in the so-called free software community have such little capacity to accept disagreement.

Yes, my article may seem like an example of such a thing, too. However, I think I have a good excuse: I am right, and everyone else is not ;-)

Or at least, I may be wrong, but I am wrong on the side of freedom, while others are (IMHO) wrong on the side of obscurantism and censorship (even if they don't realize it, remember thay are wrong and I am not ;-)

2001-06-14 16:51

Advogato post for 2001-06-14 16:51:52

Well, posted a little rant^W article here, checked the diaries of some buddies (Taj, Borges is cool, and noone will laugh at you for reading it. It just shows you are a nerd with taste ;-).

Got a new job, went to a linux event, and so on and so forth.

I even wrote a diary entry!

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