2001-04-18 00:34

Advogato post for 2001-04-18 00:34:56

Ok, I got diverted from my external actions stuff (it's almost done anyway), to write a surveillance app for a possible customer.

Right now, it's working nicely. Perhaps its worth releasing as free software, too :-)

It uses the motion package, because it's intended to:

a) Archive all the interesting stuff
b) Use as little bandwidth between the camera server and the computer with the watcher.

This way the watcher can watch many cameras.

It's a nifty thing, and it MUST be finished tomorrow, so I will probably shove it into freshmeat&co on friday.

2001-04-12 03:13

Advogato post for 2001-04-12 03:13:20

Ok, what did I do today?

I rebuilt my KDE, I looked at Rich's shellcommander, I configured a Logitech Express, I solved the server's package dependency mess, so apt-get works right, I reconfigured the notebook completely, I hacked at a couple projects, I accepted the job of Ark maintainer, I studied the actions chapter from the andamooka book, took my cat to the veterinarian to keep her until monday, and worked a full 8 hours.

And now I am leaving on a trip with a notebook, so the next 96 hours should be REALLY productive :-)

2001-04-09 21:28

Advogato post for 2001-04-09 21:28:30

Man, I'm in such a coding high, I feel like I've been smoking funny stuff.

KFTE now has the rudiments of a DCOP interface, and I decided this stuff is so cool, all apps should be extendable through external DCOP scripts.

So, I'll design a central repository/browser/editor for the stuff, then add the hooks in the libs to integrate them.

That way, you will be able to create your own menu entries and toolbar buttons that will run your own scripts to manipulate the data.

How cool would that be? :-)

KDE is going to be more scriptable than the Amiga. And I mean it ;-)

2001-04-05 17:45

Advogato post for 2001-04-05 17:45:39

Well, fixed a few silly bugs in KFTE, the rest was business.

Here´s the silly bug: If you are removing a series of consecutive menu entries with removeItemAt() you should, of course, just remove the first one N times :-)

2001-04-03 19:47

Advogato post for 2001-04-03 19:47:44

There should be a easy way to see who names you, so that northrup would see this:

In python, all members are instance members, if created outside of the class definition, unless you specifically create them as members of the class.

For example:

class a:
print inst_a.memb_a
print inst_b.memb_a
Traceback (innermost last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
AttributeError: memb_a
print inst_b.memb_class

Hope that made any sense :-)

2001-04-03 14:41

Advogato post for 2001-04-03 14:41:40

Well, so KFTE is now in rather good shape. Got rid of the annoying flickering, too. I should blame it on Qt, though.

When I removed the last entry from the menubar, the menubar changed its height! So, it now has a ugly hack to make it so the menubar doesn't ever get entry-less.

Other than that, there's now also a QFTE in the same sources, and you can build xfte,qfte,kfte,cfte,vfte and sfte in the same batch, and have FTE's for your every need :-)

You can get it from http://www.conectiva.com.ar/ralsina, BTW. Get the latest one ;-)

I forgot: wouldn't it be nice if you could get a list of people that say your name in their diary entries?

2001-03-29 23:46

Advogato post for 2001-03-29 23:46:11

Found ou that FTE is being developed again. Yipee :-)

Now it's time to make KFTE work with the new version and get it into the official sources.

2001-03-26 14:15

Advogato post for 2001-03-26 14:15:58

Well, 6 months without posting an entry.

I must confess I was pretty pissed at some people around here at the time (note to self: maybe putting my real email address here is not such a good idea. Some people are really scary).

I have been a nullity when it comes to coding, I have declared KRN dead (and since support for KDE 1.x is waning, that's a good thing :-P)

However, I have had some recent events that make me think I may still have an app inside me trying to get out. More news on that tomorrow, hopefully.

I certified Taj (didn't knew you had a diary here, friend!) as master, because, of course, he is one.

After reading his diary, I chuckle remembering how I introduced him to python ;-)

2000-09-08 14:26

Advogato post for 2000-09-08 14:26:29

<person>julian:</person> Mozilla is not currently under dual licensing. It is announced to be.

Ok, enough abou that. I am done reading "a man in full" and am half through "the right stuff", and I now wonder if Wolfe has used "let his ego out for a romp like a red dog" in any of his other books.

2000-09-07 16:45

Advogato post for 2000-09-07 16:45:29

Uraeus, my friend, I will only tell you two things:

a) Nautilus ain't Galeon. And you missed the part about GNOME actually stealing (for a while only) KDE code. And that code is still used, and no forgiveness has been asked, that I know of. Should GNOME be now "illegal"? Again, I say no. If you agree, don't argue with me.

b) The apologize and forgive I do is honest. Really. I have said nasty things about Debian. I will apologize , for whatever that's worth, and I will forgive Debian for calling me a criminal, when I believe that was totally unwarranted. Again, for whatever that's worth.

If you feel strongly about that, well, see if I care.

sh It's nowhere as simple as "it links" or "it doesn't link", actually. You see, the GPL, in its fuzziness, doesn't say anything about linking. It just speaks about "the larger work" that combines the two works, the GPL'd and the not GPL'd. The mechanisms for combining are not in the license, and are debatable.

For example, I have always said that dynamic linking is not combining in the sense the GPL deals with.

Think about it: what difference is, from a practical point of view, between a bonobo component and a shared library? Only that there is a different way to call the functions, and that (not sure here) both pieces of code reside on different address spaces.

Just changing the convention for function calling, I have never seen described as a way to work around the GPL, and I doubt you want it to be.

As for being in separate address spaces, I remember RMS once saying that as long as things were like that, it was not "combining". Ok, but surely you don't want to say the opposite, that by being in the same address space it IS combining, because in that case, you get in a hell of a mess with any environment that doesn't support memory protection!

If you do, all GPL software would be illegal on, say, windows 3.11, and I know for a fact that the FSF doesn't believe that to be true.

So, the fine point is: what is "combining in the sense used in the GPL", and none of us has a straight answer, not me, not you, and probably not RMS, either.

This is yet another reason why the GPL is a mess.

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