2000-01-28 15:19

Advogato post for 2000-01-28 15:19:27

Feedback for KRN 0.6.9 has been good so far.

There is a problem with it not building on Mandrake, apparently for dome RTTI problem, but I will just put out a 0.6.10 when its fixed.

Fixed some bugs, including a nasty one in threading, and started doing some cooler stuff, like multiple views, which is really neat. Or will be, when it works ;-)

Anyway, I think I can put a 0.6.10 with all functionality of a 0.7.0 out for testing in a week or so.

2000-01-27 00:02

Advogato post for 2000-01-27 00:02:49

I once read that paintings are never finished, just abandoned.

Well, software is like that, except you can keep working on it after you abandon^H^H^H^H^Hrelease it.

Why am I saying this? Because I bit the bullet and released KRN 0.6.9. It has some glaring bugs (like, progress reporting doesn't work much), but then again, 0.6.0 had many more.

Anyway, it is usable, and it shows some of the cooler stuff I've been doing, although most of it is not visible for a user yet.

And besides, I was starting to be stressed about just fixing things ;-)

2000-01-25 23:46

Advogato post for 2000-01-25 23:46:34

So, no KRN release today. I decided some stuff just has to go in, so I'd rather write it.

Added lots of ways to do things that are implemented but were not accessible from the GUI, like "unlock all articles that are tagged" and such. These are cheap features, since most are just a menu entry and a connect().

Made mouse clicks configureable. Want right click to download? Or double click to open? Or left click to tag? But if you are online you shift them all to the left? Done.

So, not too much code, but lots of features that help usability (I hope ;-)

Also finished the fancy group search dialog. Now that means I have to do a similar one for articles, of course.

Anyway, it is fun. I had not coded so consistently in quite a while, and I'm producing fairly good code, so it's a good time.

2000-01-24 23:05

Advogato post for 2000-01-24 23:05:37

Monday... that can't be right. After all, it seems like it was minutes ago that it was friday night and I was going to spend the entire weekend locked in, coding, bugfixing, not stopping even to eat...

Oh, I forgot, I spent the weekend at the beach and sleeping instead. Oh, well, it was not too bad either.

Anyway, today I'm back on track. Implemented lots of easy features in KRN, the kind that were obvious holes (like "download tagged articles in subscribed newsgroups", you know), fixed a bunch of bugs, and decided that some pieces will be rewritten, but not for 0.6.9.

Because 0.6.9 is 99% sure to come out tomorrow. And tomorrow is only a day away. Or so I've heard.

2000-01-21 21:39

Advogato post for 2000-01-21 21:39:12

A day of rest. Or at least an afternoon. I was awake way too late last night watching the eclipse.

Of course a lunar eclipse is way too slow to just sit and watch, but I was lucky, I could see it from my bed, through my window. In fact, the movement of moon was almost exactly across the window.

So, I just got a book (Job, by Heinlein) turn on the reading light, and looked at the moon every 10 pages or so.

I suppose I had enough eclipsed moon to last me a lifetime.

Then, since I had to eake up about 3 hours after I fell asleep, I have been all day on zombie-mode. The continuing heat wave was not helping, so I went to a friend's house to stay in the pool... and I suppose that's why the laser-like sun transformed into pouring rain in the 20 minutes of the trip, but dammit, I still got in the pool, after all, the water was hotter than the air by then.

Now, a mild 30C, a good time to go coding. I have identified all the places in KRN where I was missing network error checking (yeah, sure) so this should push stability a lot.

After that, I need to fix both search dialogs (nifty new design), and I think I will release 0.6.9. Perhaps on monday.

2000-01-20 14:48

Advogato post for 2000-01-20 14:48:33

A no-event entry. However, keeping a diary requires habit. Habit builds through repetition. So, this is why you get this entry.

Anyway, I'm lazy today. Or rather, I'm in the edge of coma: HOW HOT CAN IT GET??? 41C right now, 89% humidity, and about the same air pressure as mars in a storm. I think my brain's proteins are starting to degenerate.

2000-01-19 16:05

Advogato post for 2000-01-19 16:05:45

First of all, thanks Raph for telling me how to do this again :-)

Busy couple of days. Went to pick my cat to the place where she stays when I travel. Have you ever seen an angry cat? Not angry as in scratching and biting, but, well, I can tell she is mad at me.

Other than that, back to the daily job, thankfully not much to do, since everyone else is still on vacation.

On the free software side of things, I'm coding a lot. I am fixing bugs in the "get active newsgroup" feature of KRN. That was the first function ever to work on the program, and apparently, according to the changelog, I had not touched it since then!

2000-01-17 17:19

Advogato post for 2000-01-17 17:19:57

Well, this is the first entry. I have wanted to keep a diary on a semi-public place for a while, I guess this is as good a moment to start as ny other.

I am a KDE developer, my most widely known program being KRN. After a long hiatus I restarted development a couple of months ago, after I decided the current state was a bit embarrasing.

Don't get me wrong, I am not embarrased by the program as a whole. After over a year of zero development, it is still one of the more full-featured GUI newsreaders you can find, and I basically learnt C++ while writing it (and it shows ;-)

So, now, after returning (a mere 5 hours ago) from my vacations (nice, beach, sun, etc.) I will try to hack 0.6.9 out as soon as possible.

There are a lot of nice things already done (how about "select from Article where Sender like "%@my-deja.com%" and Date > (TODAY()-3)" ? And no, you don't need to install MySQL for this to work!

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