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Advogato post for 2000-01-24 23:05:37

Monday... that can't be right. After all, it seems like it was minutes ago that it was friday night and I was going to spend the entire weekend locked in, coding, bugfixing, not stopping even to eat...

Oh, I for­got, I spent the week­end at the beach and sleep­ing in­stead. Oh, well, it was not too bad ei­ther.

Any­way, to­day I'm back on track. Im­ple­ment­ed lots of easy fea­tures in KRN, the kind that were ob­vi­ous holes (like "down­load tagged ar­ti­cles in sub­scribed news­group­s", you know), fixed a bunch of bugs, and de­cid­ed that some pieces will be rewrit­ten, but not for 0.6.9.

Be­cause 0.6.9 is 99% sure to come out to­mor­row. And to­mor­row is on­ly a day away. Or so I've heard.

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