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If you see a russian, it's my doing

In this russian site, you can see how they got my post about the Santa Fe python event. And apparently what impressed them is the thing about the fish and the beer.

См. вас там!

I Jornada Python en Santa Fe, Argentina

Bilingual entry here:

Yo nací en Santa Fe. Me gusta Python. Hay un evento de Python en Santa Fe.

Pienso asistir solamente como espectador, quedarme callado y escuchar cosas interesantes que digan los demas.

Sin embargo, si quieren experimentar un lugar donde se pueden comer 30 platos de pescado por 20 pesos (y te podes comer los 30, aunque yo conozco solamente una persona con la suficiente fortaleza estomacal), mas toda la cerveza que puedas tomar... bueno, nos vemos en Santa Fe el 3 de junio.

Mas informacion aca

I come from Santa Fe. I like Python. There is a Python event on Santa Fe.

I intend to attend in a strictly spectator fashion. I will listen to other guys telling interesting stuff, and keep quiet.

However, if you want to experience a place where you can eat 30 different fish dishes for about 7 dollars (and I mean you can eat all 30, although I know only one person of such superhuman fortitude), plus all the beer you can drink... well, I will be in Santa Fe on June 3rd.

More information here

FaxWeb is done

FaxWeb, a web frontend for mgetty+sendfax is finished. It works. It's probably close to bugfree ;-)

The missing piece is a nicer reimplementation of respond (and this one will be cross-platform, too) using PyQt, which is 50% done.

I am only missing how to implement portable systray icons. On Mac they make no sense, on Linux I have it working, on Windows I have no idea.

Here's the simple interface for faxweb:

It even has a little AJAXy "the page doesn't reload" niceties courtesy of MochiKit!

Also from MochiKit, the nicer, rounded look&feel. Compare to this older, uglier one:

I know the new one is not good, either, but I have decided that since I can't aim for awesome, I should aim for adequate, and settle for boring and harmless.

Of course, if any CSS/XHTML guru volunteers for a makeover, I'd be very happy, since I use the same CSS everywhere (even on parts of this blog ;-).

All in all, a pleasure to write this thing, thanks to CherryPy!