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The Providence of Fire (Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, #2)

  • Au­thor: Bri­an Stave­ley
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    It was a rough start. I had read the first book a while ago, and, to be hon­est, did­n't re­mem­ber enough of the set­t­ing and char­ac­ters to make sense of what I was read­­ing.

    Then it all came back, and the roller­­coast­er start­ed. This book has some se­ri­ous mo­­tor. THINGS HAP­PEN. And then more things hap­pen. And then some more. Oth­­er writ­ers would make a whole tril­o­­gy with this much plot!

    A lot of fun, the world build­ing goes from in­­ter­est­ing to im­pres­­sive. I did miss some maps to make sense of the big bat­tle, maybe it's just that the kin­­dle ver­­sion did­n't have them, or that I just did­n't see them.

    Look­ing for­ward to #3