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An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard #1)

  • Author: Scott Pratt
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    For a change of pace, I read this. I had not read legal fiction for a long time!

    It's ok, fun, not badly written, even if the main character is:

    * A special forces veteran
    * A child abuse survivor
    * The best lawyer in town
    * In the process of retiring to become a teacher
    * Married to a gorgeous dancer
    * Gorgeous
    * Parent of a dancer
    * Parent of a MLB prospect kid
    * Working off his 10-acre property overlooking a lake
    * Only working death penalty cases
    * Morally conflicted

    Because really, there is such a thing as too much backstory. On the other hand, the plot is kinda thin.

    So, fun short read.

On Silver Wings (Hayden War Cycle, #1)

  • Author: Evan Currie
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    Good popcorn mil-scifi.

    OTOH, would it KILL writers who create characters from a specific cultural background to spend 5 minutes vetting their names with people from similar backgrounds?

    The main character is called Sorilla Aida. And she's supposed to be mexican. That's about as likely as a character from South Carolina called Skunky.