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Half the World (Shattered Sea, #2)

  • Au­thor: Joe Aber­crom­bie
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    Be­ing YA, it's di­­lut­ed Aber­crom­­bie. That's not bad, since I am not sure I could take the strong stuff (say, Red Coun­try) right now.

    It's per­haps a bit too winky: fore­see­ing no man can kill some guy and car­ry­ing your fa­ther's bones in a bag around your neck are just the two most ob­vi­ous bit­s.

    One oth­­er thing that lit up some yel­low lights for me was that at the end it turns out to be a sort old-­­fash­ioned sci­­fi's com­pe­ten­­cy porn sto­ry set on a fan­­ta­sy world.

    Still love the idea of us be­ing elves.