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Clementine (The Clockwork Century, #1.1)

  • Au­thor: Cherie Priest
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    Marked im­prove­­ment over Bone­shak­er in some ar­eas, worse in some oth­­er­s. Not much char­ac­ter de­vel­op­­men­t, but a for­ward-­­mov­ing plot.

    One in­­ter­est­ing bit is how it seems that Seat­­tle can be a zom­­bie-in­fest­ed hel­l, and be­­cause it's far away, *no­­body cares*. Heck, they most­­ly don't know any­thing about it, they think it's de­sert­ed!

    The part that is bet­ter than Bone­shak­er is that this has a plot where you can see how it makes sense that the char­ac­ters do what they do, where in Bone­shak­er... well, not quite. The part that is worse is that the char­ac­ters are not even one-di­­men­­sion­al, they are one-phrase. You can de­scribe each in one longish sen­­tence.

    "Fa­­mous washed out south­ern spy la­dy badass, now work­ing for Pinker­­ton but still loy­al to the south, on a mis­­­sion" and "Escaped slave, now air pi­rate, with a grudge against those who stole his air­­ship and de­ter­mined to catch them, kill them and re­­cov­­er his prop­er­­ty".

    There, that's all they are.

    [spoil­ers re­­moved]