Urssus: July 25th - approaching parity

My stated goal of Akregator feature parity is looking even better. With screenshot!


If you didn't read (or care about) last night's updates to yesterday's post, here they are:

  • Implemented "Mark posts as read on arrival for this feed"
  • Implemented customupdate intervals for feeds
  • Fixed article filtering
  • Implemented filtering by article status
  • Implemented folder-as-feed (not perfect)
  • Export as OPML

And today I did these:

  • Switched from Mako to Tenjin (which I can just bundle)
  • Implemented "Combined View" mode (you can see it in the screenshot above)
  • Implemented "Import Technorati top 10"
  • Organized the code correctly
  • Wrote a Paver script so it can be installed nicely (someday)
  • Removed all generated files from the repo (now you generate them using paver and/or setup.py)

So, on the TODO we have:

  • Favicons
  • Implement app preferences dialog
  • Bugfixes
  • Pagination for combinedView (so you don't have a page with 90000 posts in it which takes a month to load)
  • Akregator DB import script, so I can compare performances reasonably.

And still fun!

Current LOC count: 1295


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