Urssus: July 24th

When I started this project I wrote:

I intend to keep working like this for a couple of weeks, and see how far I can get in feature parity to akregator.

No, I don't expect to reach feature parity, I only want to strive for it. SInce I lack the focusand/or energy for a multi year commitment it requires to write the average free software, I want to see how far a sprint gets me.

To my surprise, only 9 days into the project, feature parity is at hand.

What's not done?

  • Some feed properties (custom archiving modes, mark as read on arrival) (Update: "mark as readon arrival" implemented at 22:40)
  • Fix article filtering (it's not quite broken, but interacts badly with many things) (Update: done as of 19:20)
  • Implement app preferences dialog
  • Filtering by article status (Update: implemented as of 19:01)
  • Folder-as-feed (Update: done, as of 22:20, even if not really efficiently)
  • Export as OPML (Update: just implemented it :-)
  • Favicons

And some things in the backend, which are not proper features.

What have I done today?

  • New articles notification via systray
  • Custom update intervals per-feed
  • Made Feed.unreadCount() fast enough
  • Article sorting (not as trivial as it sounds)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs (none of which crashed uRSSus, take that Akregator! ;-)

And still I have written only 1066 lines of code, according to sloccount.

Update: 1127 lines with the extra features marked above as "update"


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