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New Plugins for Nikola

Since ev­ery­one is in lock­down and I am no ex­cep­tion, I have spent some of my time do­ing things in open source project­s. Let me in­tro­duce you two new plug­ins for Niko­la my favourite stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor.

  1. marko

    Yet an­oth­er im­­ple­­men­­ta­­tion of Mark­­down! And since adding sup­­port for new im­­ple­­men­­ta­­tion­s of mark­­down is easy, I added it.

    Marko has some in­­ter­est­ing ideas. If a e­­cosys­tem of ex­ten­­sions de­vel­op­s, it will be easy to sup­­port them on the Niko­la side.

  2. myst

    Yes, an­oth­er mark­­down but, again, one with orig­i­­nal ideas. In this case, myst has a lot of re­Struc­­tured Text flavour, with sup­­port for di­rec­­tives and roles.

Of course when us­ing marko or myst in Niko­la you al­so get sup­port for short­codes so they are ex­tra-ex­ten­si­ble here.

If you are look­ing for a stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor, I am fair­ly sure "it does­n't sup­port my favourite markup lan­guage" is not a rea­son not to choose Niko­la :-)

New Nikola Plugin: rst code blocks using prism.js

I have been writ­ing some of my posts us­ing Mark­down late­ly. And not even ­plain old Python Mark­down, but mis­a­ka which is an al­ter­na­tive im­ple­men­ta­tion based on Hoe­down

So, I no­ticed that those mark­down files had no syn­tax high­light­ing! I looked and Mis­a­ka does of­fer some­thing to "high­light things". Here is what it does:

<code class="language-python">
def f():

No class­es in the el­e­ments, no noth­ing, just a class in the code el­e­men­t! It turns out that is the rec­om­mend­ed way to in­di­cate you are show­ing code:

There is no for­mal way to in­di­cate the lan­guage of com­put­er code be­ing marked up. Au­thors who wish to mark code el­e­ments with the lan­guage used, e.g. so that syn­tax high­light­ing scripts can use the right rules, can use the class at­tribute, e.g. by adding a class pre­fixed with "lan­guage-" to the el­e­men­t.

So, I looked for how to ac­tu­al­ly dis­play those things nice­ly, and found pris­mjs.­com which looked very nice!

So nice, in­deed, that now I hat­ed how my re­Struc­tured Text Pages looked!

There­fore, I wrote a new Niko­la plug­in that re­places do­cu­til­s' code di­rec­tive and re­places it with a much sim­pler one that just tags things as code of a giv­en lan­guage and lets prism do the rest.

AFAICS it's functionally equivalent, it supports the :linenos: option, including shifted line numbers.

I doubt any­one ev­er will want to use it but hey, there it is.

Episodio 41: Serverless? Tomá serverless!

Una char­la in­for­mal de 2011 con­tan­do co­mo hac­er una apli­cación MUY SERVER­LESS. Lamentable­mente to­das mis ideas han si­do declaradas ries­gos de se­guri­dad y to­dos los browsers las pro­híben hoy en día.