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Shoreham: Blogging with Ubuntu One (a teaser)

At Canonical's Online Services we can do cool stuff on fridays. We do cool stuff all week, actually, but on fridays we can do crazier cool stuff.

So, today, I ripped off a great service offered by and implemented a prototype blog-through-Ubuntu-One web application. Of course, it's powered by Nikola,

The code is absolute nonsense, and it needs to be looked at by someone who understands Django, OAuth, OpenID, and programming in general better than I do, but hey, it does work (for a very loose definition of "work").

It's called Shoreham and no, you can't have it yet.

As a teaser, here's a video. With a pony.

In the near future I will do a better post about this explaining the code, etc.


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