2012-12-13 22:11

Rst2pdf progress

I have set for myself a priority list of bugs that bother me in rst2pdf, my tool to convert restructured text into PDFs in order of decreasing shamefulness.

I have been fixing a few today (early morning + late night hack) so the following is now correct:

  • Use of included stylesheets
  • Vertical spacing of indented lineblocks
  • Use of :target: in figure directives

There are 46 open issues but I am not planning on fixing them all. My personal hitlist has 10 more bugs in it, but regardless of how many I fix, I intend to release anyway, because:

  • Last release is broken with latest reportlab
  • Last release is a bit broken with docutils 0.10 which will be out soon
  • Last release was over six months ago

And that last one is the critical one. Working at Canonical has shown me that release cadence is good. Specially in a project where trunk is very rarely broken (like rst2pdf) there is no reason for slow release cycles. Rst2pdf should release monthly.

I fully intend to take that approach, so the next release will be done on December 21st.


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