2012-12-18 16:58

Rst2pdf 0.93 released

A bit ahead of schedule, I just uploaded version 0.93 of rst2pdf a tool to convert restructured text into PDF files.

Here are some of the changes in this version:

  • Fixed Issue 447: Double-sided always starts on the right (By Rob Ludwick)
    • Removed --first-page-even as it was not used anywhere.
    • Added --first-page-on-right
  • Fixed Issue 464: support alignment via :class: in image directives.
  • Fixed Issue 482: Line blocks with indented parts get extraneous spacing
  • Fixed Issue 470: Support for :target: in figures.
  • New style "image" to be applied to image directives.
  • Fixed Issue 485: Better styling support for figures/images (spaceBefore/After)
  • Support rst2pdf [inf [outf]] syntax to be more compatible with rst2*
  • Implemented Issue 389: New --strip-element-with-class option
  • Fixed Issue 474: CellStyle1 is not there in reportlab 2.6
  • Removed default padding from DelayedTable, which looked bad on headers/footers.
  • Improvements to the math directive (font color and size)
  • Better support for styling literals.
  • Fixed Issue 454 (Splitting failure)
  • Regressed Issue 374 (some literal blocks get oversplit)
  • Switched from svglib to svg2rlg
  • Removed uniconvertor support
  • Fixed Issue 477: Sink footnote separator (patch by asermax)
  • Fixed Issue 473: Support "code" directive like an alias of code-block.
  • Fixed Issue 472: Implemented MyImage._unRestrictSize
  • Fixed Issue 471: Respect class in lineblocks.
  • Fixed Issue 455: New pisa/xhtml2pdf has very different imports
  • Marked Issue 358 as fixed.
  • Fixed Issue 410: always include full lines in code-blocks (mmueller patch)


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