2012-12-20 12:53

Nikola Wordpress Importer Improvements

Thanks to having users trying to actually import data from wordpress, the wordpress importer plugin for Nikola, my static site generator got a couple of new features.

  • It will try to maintain your URLs via redirects

    If your post was in /2012/1/2/a-post/ and now it will be in /posts/a-post.html it will create a redirect from the former to the latter.

  • url_map for comment migration

    It will create a CSV file containing the old,new full URLs so that you can move your disqus threads to the right places.

Also, master works with docutils 0.10 which broke in the last release.

For these reasons, there will be a 5.0.1 release today or tomorrow.

PS: if you want to see a few sites using Nikola, now you can.


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