2012-07-04 22:28

Nikola Ideas for PyCamp

This friday is the beginning of PyCamp, four days of python hacking without distraction or pause. And I want to code a lot. My main target is features for Nikola my static blog generator.

If you are attending PyCamp (or even if you are not), you are welcome to join me in implementing these in a marathon of kickass coding starting this friday and lasting all weekend.

I have a few ideas in my head, but I want more. These are the ones I have, please add more in the comments if you have any:

Code Gallery
Like image galleries but for code. Put code in a folder and it will be beautifully displayed. With the addition of a "listings" docutils directive, it will make showing code in detail and in context easy and powerful, and make Nikola more attractive to programmer-bloggers.
Gallery Polishing
Image galleries are implemented and work, but they could use a lot of polish. From making them more network-efficient, to image RSS feeds, recursive galleries, gallery metadata, image texts, and much more.
File Pipelines

Want to minimize your CSS? Tidy your HTML? pngcrush your images? apply HTML transformations? Other things I can't imagine?

File pipelines would bring the power of the unix shell to a site generator, letting you connect lego-like filters, some provided, some from the community, into a powerful machinery.

Online Editing (Alva)
While static site generators have lots of benefits, they have one significant downside: you edit the files in your own device. A online editor for Nikola lets you edit them through a web interface for blogging-from-aywhere goodness.
Nikola Hosting (Shoreham)
Why not create a service where the user feeds posts to a server and then the server publishes them? The feeding can be via a DVCS, or a file sync service, or via online editors, and the output is published automatically or at the push of a button.
I don't do drafts. I type and that's it. But others prefer more cautious and sane approaches. So, how should drafts work? While the feature may be easy to implement, it's a good beginner programmer's task, where you have to think more about what you want to achieve and providing a good user experience than about just banging code.

So, is there something you saw in another static blog generator and Nikola lacks? Any cool ideas and want a friendly codebase to hack them on? Do you have any crazy ideas noone would touch with a ten-foot-pole but you think would be awesome to have?

Well, now's a good time to talk about it!


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