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Nikola Ideas para PyCamp

Si vas a Py­Camp (o si no vas tam­bién), sos bien­ve­ni­do a unir­te a mí en la im­ple­men­ta­ción de es­tas co­sas en una ma­ra­tón de pro­gra­ma­ción em­pe­zan­do el vier­nes y si­guien­do to­do el fin de se­ma­na.

Ten­go al­gu­nas ideas en la ca­be­za, pe­ro quie­ro más. Es­tas son las que ten­go, agre­guen en los co­men­ta­rio­s:

Galería de Código

Co­mo ga­le­rías de imá­ge­nes, pe­ro pa­ra có­di­go. Po­nés el có­di­go en una car­pe­ta y va a apa­re­cer her­mo­so. Con la adi­ción de una di­rec­ti­va "lis­tin­g" de do­cu­ti­l, va a ha­cer que mos­trar có­di­go en de­ta­lle o en con­tex­to sea sim­ple y po­de­ro­so, ha­cien­do a Niko­la más atrac­ti­vo pa­ra blo­gger­s-­pro­gra­ma­do­res.

Pulir Galerías

Las ga­le­rías de imá­ge­nes es­tán im­ple­men­ta­das y an­dan, pe­ro ne­ce­si­tan pu­li­do. Se pue­den ha­cer más efi­cien­tes en re­d, po­ner­les fee­ds RSS, ga­le­rías re­cur­si­va­s, me­ta­da­ta, tex­tos en las imá­ge­nes, y mu­cho má­s.


¿Que­rés mi­ni­mi­zar to CSS? ¿Em­pro­li­jar tu HT­M­L? ¿A­chi­car las imá­ge­nes? ¿A­pli­car trans­for­ma­cio­nes al HT­M­L? ¿Co­sas que no me ima­gi­no?

Los pi­pe­li­nes trae­rían el po­der del she­ll unix a un ge­ne­ra­dor de si­tio­s, per­mi­tien­do­te co­nec­tar fil­tros pro­vis­tos por niko­la o por la co­mu­ni­dad co­mo si fue­ran le­go­s.

Editor Online (Alva)

Si bien los ge­ne­ra­do­res de si­tios es­tá­ti­cos tie­nen mu­chos be­ne­fi­cio­s, tie­nen un la­do ma­lo: te­nés que edi­tar los ar­chi­vos en tu pro­pio equi­po.

Un edi­tor on­li­ne pa­ra Niko­la te per­mi­te edi­tar­los via web y pu­bli­car des­de cual­quier la­do.

Nikola Hosting (Shoreham)

¿Por qué no crear un ser­vi­cio en que el usua­rio ali­men­ta de pos­ts al ser­ver y el ser­ver pu­bli­ca? La ali­men­ta­ción pue­de ser vía un DV­CS, un ser­vi­cio de sync de ar­chi­vo­s, edi­tor on­li­ne, o lo que sea, y el re­sul­ta­do se pu­bli­ca in­me­dia­ta­men­te o to­can­do un bo­tó­n.


Yo no ha­go bo­rra­do­res. Yo es­cri­bo y man­do. Pe­ro otros pre­fie­ren en­fo­ques mas cau­te­lo­sos y me­nos de­men­tes. En­ton­ce­s, ¿Có­mo de­be­rían fun­cio­nar los bo­rra­do­res? Si bien se­gu­ra­men­te es fá­cil de im­ple­men­tar es una ta­rea ex­ce­len­te pa­ra un prin­ci­pian­te, don­de hay que pen­sar más acer­ca de lo que se quie­re lo­grar y la ex­pe­rien­cia que se brin­da al usua­rio que acer­ca del có­di­go en sí.

En­ton­ce­s, si hay al­go que vis­te en otro ge­ne­ra­dor de blogs es­tá­ti­cos que Niko­la no tie­ne, o te­nés una idea y ne­ce­si­tás un fra­mewo­rk don­de me­ter­la, o te­nés una idea lo­ca lo­ca lo­ca que na­die quie­re to­car ni con un pun­te­ro lá­se­r...


Kay Hayen / 2012-07-05 08:58:

If you do pipelines, I could upstream my optimizations. I am therefore hoping you do that. The Gallery Polishing, I would do my own, but I am not really qualified. I would love if it became network efficient, and it actually matters a lot to me. For bonus points, could you integrate with Digikam tags?

Roberto Alsina / 2012-07-05 10:44:

Are digikam tags in the EXIF data?

Kay Hayen / 2012-07-05 11:01:

I believe in settings/metadata you get to specifiy what.

From the gallery, I would hope to be able to export all, then let Nikola work on those in its template I suppose, and remove the rest with jpegoptim and friends.

So then in Digikam, I would tag things to be in a certain album, and then I would want it to appear in Nikola. That would be a great user interface, and would require no copying of files and links at all.

But if you do that as a last step, it would probably be best. But I seem to recall you as a KDE guy, so i kind of expect you to know how to talk with Digikam directly.

Roberto Alsina / 2012-07-05 11:09:

Yes, former KDE guy, but have no clue about digikam's inner workings, really.

Kay Hayen / 2012-07-05 12:15:

lol, I will forgive. Enjoy your hackfest... I am currently at Europython, and don't get anything done, just talking to so many people, new and witty people, who have a lot to say. But I rebased to latest Nikola and it was easy to do.

One thing, I believe you ought to not forget, is the pylint cleanliness thing. It would allow you to catch typos and mismerges easier (seen recent commits of such) and it's only practical, if you once make it to 0, so you can then use it easily as a check before push.

And btw, I was considering to package Nikola for Debian, but for that, I need a solution for the "doit/nikola" mix. Did you give an OK for that? I wanted to attack that occasionally. It's can't be that hard. As for the packaging, the lack of a doit Debian package will be hurting though.

Roberto Alsina / 2012-07-05 12:22:

I am ok with making the nikola command a doit wrapper. If doit is not packaged, you can bundle the standalone doit script: http://python-doit.sourcefo...

And yes, I need to be more careful with pylint and the rest :-)

Kay Hayen / 2012-07-05 15:32:

Ok, will do that then. As for the packaging for Debian, builtin copies bundled are not very popular, but I can still try.

As for pylint, don't worry, it would just be nice, if you had something like "check-with-pylint". You can steal it from Nuitka and re-license as you see fit. It already has most of the things sorted out.

Git it from here:

Just change the path to your script, and adapt the while listing, then adapt the options. I have disabled naming stuff, and useless things already.

As a contributor, I would appreciate a quick way to tell that I don't submit any bad stuff. But now, changing things, it's not really practical. So if you want to go for that, you are welcome. :-)


Pablo2M / 2012-07-05 17:21:

Es una pavada pero tener como opcional tener un "almanaque" similar al que usa el gran hermano del canal ( para asustar menos con el archivo creo que estaria bueno

jjconti / 2012-07-06 00:47:

Exportar a pdf!

Petri Savolainen / 2012-07-11 09:57:

Here's my two cents: 1) Add support for predefined page layouts. Most sites/pages have header, footer, content area and optionally a left column and/or right column. That would also allow for more powerful theming. 2) add support for including YAML metadata in file header rather than a separate file, as in Jekyll (see

Roberto Alsina / 2012-07-11 12:55:

There is already a way to put the metadata in a comment in the post itself (but it seems to be slightly buggy)

I am not sure I understand about the layouts. Can you point me at docs or examples?

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