2013-08-08 21:44

New project: Nikola Event Kit

The Python Argentina group organizes lots of events. Like, half a dozen every year, or more. Those include multi-day events like PyCamp, larger conferences like PyCon, and several PyDays.

PyDays are special, they are usually single-track, just one day (obviously), free, and organized at universities, for students, and often by students. And one stumbling block is usually how to setup the web infrastructure for one. There is a web2py app created by Mariano Reingart, but I feel it's overkill. Also, setting up hosting, databases, customizations, etc. is a lot of work!

So, I decided, prodded by Juan Rodriguez Monti, to see how much can be done without setting up complex things. And I think it's quite a lot. Based on Nikola my static site generator, I created a template site for small events, like PyDays, called Nikola Event Kit

The goal is that you should be able to setup basic content, signup form, schedule, and the obvious needed things in one day. And then you can allocate another day or more for customizing the look of the site.

And then you are done, no need to deploy anything other than plain HTML.

If you want to test-drive it, here's a demo site and here is the code ready for you to fork into your own event's site.

Have fun!


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