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What is The Little Python Meeting?

The Little Python Meeting is a one-day event meant to lure people new to programming into worshipping significant whitespace and contemplation of the self. There will be workshops, games and raffles! Cotton candy!

Some of our speakers will knock your socks off. And others will put your socks back on, because in the Python community we are that nice. No previous Python experience required, there is a beginner's track, a serious track and a "I can't believe it's not Guido" track for those of a hardcore inclination.

The event is free of charge, and we'll give away free t-shirts we got from the salvtion army, because if we actually had money we would be using a real website and not nikola-event-kit.

If you want to come, please signup so we put aside one shirt for you.

When and Where?

At the Royal Albert Hall, in London, January 32nd 2022 [more details]

Some of our Speakers

Guido Van Rossum
Creator of Python, currently working at Dropbox, he will speak about being Dutch, and never coming to Pycon Argentina (just kidding).
Rasums Lerdorf
He's sorry.
Bjarne Stroustroup
He's really sorry.
Rob Pike
He's cool.

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