2013-07-30 06:10

New Nikola Feature: SVG Charts via Pygal

I can't sleep, so I just whipped together a docutils directive that wraps pygal for Nikola, my static site and blog generator.

So, how do you use it? LIke this:

.. chart:: Bar
    :title: 'Browser usage evolution (in %)'
    :x_labels: ["2002", "2003", "2004", "2005", "2006", "2007"]

    'Firefox', [None, None, 0, 16.6, 25, 31]
    'Chrome',  [None, None, None, None, None, None]
    'IE',      [85.8, 84.6, 84.7, 74.5, 66, 58.6]
    'Others',  [14.2, 15.4, 15.3, 8.9, 9, 10.4]

Which produces this:

Browser usage evolution (in %) 00101020203030404050506060707080802002200320042005200620070241.18397435897435504.11538461538464200416.6346.5044871794872456.3051819974897200525451.825432.11206741975974200631557.1455128205129414.83127129280973200785.876.88397435897436257.0200284.6182.20448717948716260.45615922539200384.7287.525260.1681459566075200474.5392.84551282051285289.54549937242246200566498.1660256410256314.0266272189349200658.6603.4865384615385335.33960910883985200714.2100.05448717948718463.2175004482697200215.4205.375459.7613412228797200315.3310.6955128205128460.049354491662220048.9416.0160256410257478.482203693742220059521.3365384615385478.19419042495963200610.4626.6570512820514474.16200466200472007Browser usage evolution (in %)FirefoxChromeIEOthers

You can customize the output a lot, because Pygal is very configurable, and it supports a very wide variety of charts.

Also, the charts are somewhat interactive, which is nice.

It's a pathetically simplistic piece of code but it seems to work well :-)


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