2013-08-30 18:59

New in Nikola v6 part IV: Awesome Auto Mode

I am planning to do a major release (version 6!) of Nikola my static blog and site generator the next weekend. It's a major version because there has been a ton of feature work done. So, I will do a quick series highlighting some of those improvements this week.

Today's Topic: Auto Mode

Nikola has had, since day one, a way to run in "auto mode". That means that it would rebuild the site automatically when it saw a file change. That was provided by doit the cool software that handles nikola's task tree.

The problem was that it was slightly limited, and it didn't notice configuration changes, or when you added new files. It only reacted to changes in things it already knew as dependencies.

Well, in v6, Nikola has a new auto mode courtesy of Python Livereload that fixes all that.

I think the best way to show it is with a video, so here it is (there are typos and such, just see the big picture ;-):


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